All About iola’s High-Quality Outdoor Furniture

All iola furniture is woven from rattan fibre. So are a lot of other products, but bear in mind that different types of rattan can vary hugely in quality! Two German brands in particular are recognised as leaders of the rattan industry: Rehau™ and Hularo™. To ensure that we only ever make the highest-quality furniture, we always use Rehau Stressflex rattan – it’s 5 times more durable than other fibres!

As the worldwide leader in polymer solutions, Rehau™ employs 15,000 people across 170 countries. Their quality – and their success – is proof that you can always rely on German engineering!

Compare Rehau fibre with the materials used by our competitors, and 9 times out of 10, you’ll find that Rehau is superior in every respect. Other companies use PVC fibre, a cheap material that usually only lasts for around 12 months. Since our quality outdoor furniture originated in Australasia, we quickly realised that only a UV-resistant fibre would stand the twin tests of time and climate; that is why every piece of furniture we sell is made using top-quality German fibre.

Quality furniture frames

A strong frame is crucial to the integrity of good-quality outdoor furniture. All rattan furniture uses alloy for its superior strength and manageable weight, but don’t be fooled – not all suppliers use the same grade of alloy! 1.6-1.8mm round and square bar is the gauge of alloy that we use in all of our high-quality outdoor furniture, and we feel that this is the single best option. Products of a lesser quality tend to use 1.2mm – any lower would violate our industry’s standards. Iola furniture actually weighs a little more, and this is due to the premium raw materials.

Our logos are laser-etched in solid stainless steel.

A Fiordaliso chair in Bronze Rehau

This is a Modular corner piece. Please note the extra bracing on all corners for extra rigidity and the use of conventional sofa elastic to make the product more comfortable. We also fully weave under our frames to make them that much more attractive. Some of the lateral stringers are not woven because it is only possible to weave in one direction.

This is the frame for one of our outdoor dining chairs. It is perfectly formed, with almost no discernible weld lines or paint defects.

A perfect mirror finish from our Modular feet. You usually only find 316 grade stainless steel in medical instruments and yachts!

The very best fixtures and fittings

Some of our designs have exposed metal fittings, and since alloy is vulnerable to corrosion, it would not be an appropriate choice for these parts. All of our exposed fittings are made 316 marine-grade stainless steel, an attribute that we share with only one other supplier.

The only glass that we use – on our outdoor dining tables, for example – is tempered safety glass (up to 1cm thick). This helps to prevent cracks and shattering; we like all of our products to be as strong and as sturdy as possible!

Our quality furniture uses all-weather foam

All-weather furniture needs all-weather foam, and that’s precisely what we use. When you set out to craft a high-quality furniture product, every aspect is of crucial importance!

Left: Iola's reticulated marine foam after being outside for an entire year

Right: Ordinary open cell foam, as sold by 99% of NZ vendors

Our Quality Gallery

These images demonstrate the quality of our outdoor furniture products. We’ve given you a closer look at each piece – it’s easy to make a rattan sofa look nice from a distance, but our competitors don’t have our attention to detail! Our master weavers specialise in a tight, durable weave that will last for years.

We Use The Highest Quality Material From:
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