5 Heavenly Hideaways!

Posted by adam

For this week's blog, we want to show you some heavenly hideaways in the form of some luxurious seating! Sometimes there is nothing better than just sitting on a good bench, chair, or lounger and relaxing while soaking up your surroundings. We're firm believers that the better the seat, the better the haven; and the following 5 are some of our favourites:

This simple, comfortable seating arrangement is purposely neutral - the seating is understated to allow the epic view to take centre-stage. Having said that, it still looks mightily inviting and suitably elegant too.

The Hanging Egg Chair is definitely a more alternative place to sit, but that's good! We love the simple yet striking design, and how you can comfortably swing yourself into serenity.


Another great way to create a heavenly hideaway is with the addition of a fire pit! We love fire pits because they make gardens more accessible for more of the year, and they make for stunning conversation points as well.

This Sail Bed Lounger is unique in its design and concept - made to resemble the famous Sydney Opera House, this outdoor bed can be used as a super-comfy place to soak up some sun, or as a shady little retreat from the heat.


Our final hideaway has been created using nothing more than an old pallet and some chains! With the addition of some home comforts this dreamy little retreat really is a perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space in luxury.