5 Amazing Outdoor Seating Designs

Posted by adam

These garden chairs will put your living room chairs to shame!

Wing Chair

Rattan Wing Chair

How comfortable does this chair look? It’s a contemporary twist on the classic wingback design, and it looks like a great place to unwind at the end of the day.

 canella rattan chairs

Circular Chairs

These cute cushioned seats look good on their own, but as the photograph above shows, they’re even more gorgeous in groups. We love the assorted cushion colours!

 hanging egg chair

Egg Chairs

Egg chairs are made for curling up and relaxing. And these chairs are even more relaxing than usual – they hang down from the ceiling, so you can swing the afternoon away with a book and a glass of wine!

Chunky Rattan Sofas

These large seats have a distinctly 'retro' flavour to them - you have to love the jumbo-sized look and the slightly slanted design.

modular seat

Modular Seats

This design is perhaps the coolest of all. You can use the modular design to effectively create your own sofa; take two end pieces and a middle piece, and you’ve got the ultimate outdoor seat!