3 Things All Outdoor Seating Needs

Posted by adam

rattan armchair

Here at iola, we consider ourselves to be experts on outdoor furniture. Our outdoor seating range is full of top quality products, and our continued success in this market is down to our grasp of what people want and need from their garden furnishings.

In our opinion, there are three things that any outdoor seating product ought to have:

Durability – The ability to handle harsh weather conditions without falling apart or becoming degraded. Outdoor furniture must be able to cope with outdoor life!

Comfort – What good is an uncomfortable seat? A garden chair should be a pleasure to sit on, ideally offering the same level of comfort that you’d expect from your living room furniture.

Style – Gardens ought to look beautiful, and that extends to everything within the garden, too. You wouldn’t decorate your interiors with ugly objects – why not apply that same ethos to your outdoor space?

Our all-weather outdoor furniture passes these three tests with flying colours. The materials that we use are perfectly suited for outdoor use; our marine-reticulated cushions are comfortable and durable; and our unique designs never fail to inspire and delight. View our catalogue now!