Spotlight: Lavita Lounger

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This week, iola’s Spotlight is shining on the stunning Lavita sun lounger. The sumptuous sun beds are among our most popular products, and it’s not difficult to see why...

luxury lounger

Lavita Luxury Lounger - The Essential Info:

  • Length: 2m
  • Height: 0.52m
  • Width: 0.75m
  • Price: $1,750
  • Quick-dry cushions provide weatherproof comfort
  • Perfect for swimming pools
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Part of our Lavita collection (see also: Lavita Dining Set, Lavita Chairs)
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • Made of top quality materials (inc. Rehau rattan and commercial grade alloy)

Available rattan/cushion colours:

Rattan colours and cushion patterns

Click here to see even more fabric patterns.

About the Lavita Lounger:

‘La vita’ is Italian for ‘life’, and that’s precisely what our Lavita collection is all about – living life to the fullest and really enjoying every moment! The Lavita lounger is the perfect example; the cushioned design was conceived with optimum comfort in mind, and no other sun bed can match the Lavita for luxury and relaxation.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Lavita is one of our very best-selling products. It’s particularly popular among hoteliers; the Lavita lounger has been used alongside swimming pools all over the world, and guests seem to love unwinding on those plush marine foam cushions!

rattan sunbed

Style-wise, the Lavita is yet another example of iola’s commitment to superior craftsmanship. Notice the flawless rattan weave on the lounger’s arms and legs – there are only a few rattan manufacturers in the world who can offer that level of detail!

The adjustable headrest is another sign of the lounger’s high quality. This feature allows the user to sit up and read a book or lay right back and catch forty winks – regardless of how you like to relax, the Lavita lounger will accommodate you!

rattan seats

If you want more from your Lavita lounger, we recommend combining it with some other items from our Lavita range. The Lavita side table – visible in the above image – is a particularly perfect companion for the lounger, giving the user somewhere to place their drink while they sit back and relax!

If you are interested in purchasing the Lavita lounger (for commercial or private use), get in touch with the iola NZ team today!

Spectacular Sun Loungers and Where to Use Them

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Sun loungers

If you’re looking for stylish design and luxurious comfort, very few outdoor furniture products can compete with iola’s stunning sun loungers. We offer five different designs, and each one is a contemporary masterpiece. Click the links below to find out more about each of our loungers:

  • Ambrato Adjustable Lounger
    A sleek rattan design with an infinitely adjustable backrest.

  • Sail Bed Lounger
    Our crowning glory - more of a day bed than a lounger, and ideal for outdoor relaxation!

  • Seville Sun Lounger
    The seamless curved shape of the Seville is a real landmark in rattan furniture design.

  • Lavanda Lounger
    The Lavanda is an extremely pretty design with a more traditional look than our other loungers.

  • Lavita Luxury Lounger
    The very height of lounging comfort, perfect for all purposes.

So how best to use these beautiful loungers? Where should you put your sunbed once you've got it? Here are three ideas for getting the most from your sun lounger:

  • On the Patio/Decking
    If you have a deck or a paved area in your back garden, an iola lounger will make the perfect addition to this space. You could even set up a pair of loungers on the patio so as to relax outside with a friend.

  • By the Pool
    Our sunbeds are perfect for the poolside! They’ve been used as pool loungers by numerous luxury hotels, but if you have a pool on your own property, they’ll work just as well for your own purposes.

  • In the Conservatory
    Thanks to the weatherproof rattan that we use, all of our loungers are perfectly suited to outdoor use. Having said that, there’s no reason why you can’t use our products indoors – a conservatory that’s kitted out with a sun lounger will provide you with the perfect place to put your feet up without leaving the house.

Download our catalogue for more information about our collection of sun loungers.


Spotlight: Ambrato Adjustable Sun Lounger

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Each week, we at iola will be spotlighting one of our favourite rattan creations. We're starting with the Ambrato sun lounger, one of the most comfortable lounger designs on the market. Did you know that the adjustable backrest was suggested by one of our customers? Read on...

Ambrato lounger and side table

Ambrato Lounger - The Essential Info:

  • Height: 400mm
  • Width: 700mm
  • Depth: 2,000mm
  • Price: $1,750
  • Includes an infinitely adjustable backrest
  • Built on a commercial-grade alloy frame
  • Marine foam cushions for maximum comfort
  • 5 year warranty as standard
  • Price includes a matching side table
  • Side table dimensions: 450mm x 580mm x 350mm

Available colours:

Colours available for the Ambrato lounger

From left to right: White Wash, Stone, Platinum, Bronze, Slate, Carbon Black.

About the Ambrato:

'Ambrato' is the Italian word for 'amber', and this lovely lounger is every bit as precious as the gem that shares its name. No matter what colour you choose (see the selection above), the Ambrato lounger will look utterly lovely in your outdoor space - especially if you've got a swimming pool to lounge beside!

The Ambrato's unique selling point is its fully adjustable backrest. The angle of the backrest can be changed using a small handle on the side of the lounger:

Close-up of the Ambrato

This feature was actually suggested by an iola customer. The person in question wanted a single lounger that could be adjusted to any angle, allowing for a comfortable 'sitting up' position, relaxing reclined position, and everything in between.

The iola NZ design team leaped into action, and they came up with the Ambrato. Woven, as always, by our crack team of weavers from Cebru, the Ambrato lounger sets an extremely high standard for rattan sun beds - not only can the backrest be adjusted to suit your taste, the marine-reticulated foam cushioning promises many a comfortable afternoon in the sun.

Interested? Contact iola NZ today to get an Ambrato lounger of your very own. If you're a European customer, call 01483 277 266 to enquire about iola furniture in your area.

Cutting Edge Outdoor Daybed Design from iola

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As leading designers and manufacturers of contemporary, industry-leading garden furniture, this very special iola outdoor daybed is one of our favourite creations. We are so proud of our design that we’d like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about the processes behind the design and creation of our unique outdoor daybed product.

The iola sailbed is an exceptional outdoor daybed which we believe is an example of exactly how all outdoor furniture should be: innovative, stylish, comfortable and resilient. Our finished outdoor daybed design started life as a spark of inspiration, prompted by the Sydney Opera House. Inspired by the curves and peaks of the Opera House’s architecture, our talented designer, Gidget McNevin envisioned this stunning outdoor daybed.


The overall outdoor sunbed design is simultaneously beautiful and incredibly practical – with dozens of special features and clever little twists. The ‘sails’ of this outdoor daybed rotate, opening and closing to offer you real flexibility. Whether you’re looking for more shade, extra sun or enhanced privacy, the clever design of the iola outdoor daybed allows you to create your perfect outdoors space at all times of day.

Along with this impressive functionality, the outdoor daybed design is extraordinarily elegant. This is not just down to beautiful design. The industry-leading materials we use to create our outdoor daybed also have a huge part to play. We use the very best, German-engineered Rehau Stressflex ™ fibres to ensure that our designs are durable, weather- and UV-resistant and virtually indestructible. These same fibres allow for unprecedented flexibility when it comes to creating fantastic new garden furniture designs.

Accompanying our inspiration and materials, the outdoor daybed has also benefitted from the traditional expertise of talented weavers in Cebu. Under the auspices of renowned head weaver Ruel Atis, the original outdoor daybed design took shape.

All too frequently garden furniture fails to be both beautiful and functional, yet we believe that this doesn’t have to be the case. This is just one reason that we are especially proud of our new outdoor daybed. It looks stunning, is beautifully practical and will stay that way season after season.

If you would like to learn more about our revolutionary outdoor daybed design, or about any of our iola creations, please browse the rest of the website or get in touch via phone or email: (09) 570 1112 /