The Majestic Sail Bed Rattan Lounger

Posted by adam

Here at Iola we are extremely proud of a lot of our products, and though we shouldn’t necessarily pick favourites, our sail bed rattan lounger is most definitely one of them! Not only is it a glorious celebration of our rattan craftsmanship, but the inspiration behind the design is pretty fitting too.

The first thing that grabs you about the sail bed rattan lounger is the shape of the thing! Its wondrous curves and sail-like silhouette take inspiration from the great Sydney Opera House – which is probably the most iconic landmark in this part of the world. The bold lines of this piece mean it looks just as good from afar as it does when lounging in it!

That brings us to the next remarkable aspect of this piece of furniture – its versatile mechanisms! The sail bed lounger gets its name from the adjustable ‘sails’ that give you two lounging options: you can leave the sails open to let the sunshine bathe you, or you can close them and enjoy idling in the shade. Whichever option you go with, sitting in the sail bed lounger is an extremely pleasant way to pass the day.

We realise that this lounger is an investment, but it’s one you’ll be glad you made every time you indulge yourself in this beautiful rattan sanctuary. Each bed takes 27 days to construct and really pushes our skilled craftsmen to their limits – you, on the other hand, will get to enjoy this masterpiece for the rest of your peaceful existence. Bliss!