Photos from Recent Projects

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Our outdoor furniture designs have been used in all kinds of settings all over the world, and we're very proud of this fact. From five-star luxury resorts to laid-back beach bars, our stunning rattan creations fit in almost anywhere; to prove it, here are some photos from our most recent projects...


Outdoor dining sets

Our dining sets look amazing in the shadow of this lovely-looking hotel!


Sun loungers on the beach

These bespoke sun loungers are perfect for a quick (or not-so-quick) sunbathing session.


Dining area

More dining sets, though this time they're set against a leafy green backdrop. Who wouldn't love to enjoy a late breakfast here?


Rattan furniture by the beach

 And if you'd prefer a cool drink by the beach, you'll love this final photo. Our rattan chairs provide an exquisite place to relax after a dip in the sea!

If you are interested in using iola NZ's rattan furniture products for your projects, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Spotlight: Veneto Dining Set

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This week's Product Spotlight focuses on the beautiful Veneto Dining Set, a smooth and stylish dining set that will add a truly sophisticated element to your outdoor space. Continue reading to find out more... 

contemporary dining sets

Veneto Dining Set - The Essential Info:

Veneto Dining Table:

  • Height: 750mm
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Depth: 2400mm
  • Hand-woven German rattan fibre 
  • 5 year warranty as standard

Veneto Chair:

  • Height: 940mm
  • Width: 560mm
  • Depth: 620mm
  • Hand-woven German rattan fibre 
  • 5 year warranty as standard

Suni Table: 

  • Height: 750mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Depth: 1200mm
  • Hand-woven German rattan fibre 
  • 5 year warranty as standard

Our Veneto Dining Set is extremely customisable, and you can choose from one of the following beautiful rattan colours to base your furniture design on:

From left to right: White Wash, Stone, Platinum, Bronze, Slate, Carbon Black.

About the Veneto Dining Set:

This stunning and stylish dining set has the power to transform every outdoor space with its sleek curved rattan design. The table is a gorgeous centrepiece with glass in the middle, and our beautiful matching Veneto Rattan Chairs feature a gorgeous wave design to support your back and provide you with the ultimate comfort as you enjoy the calm of your beautiful garden. You can choose from a stunning array of rattan colours featured above, and we offer a wide range of cushion fabrics for you to choose from too! 

Available cushion styles

Top row (from left): Natural, Canvas, Taupe, Tuscan, Coal, Antique Beige
Bottom row (from left): Vice Versa, Palm, Pewter, Peacock, Shinto, Mediterranean

Our Veneto Dining Set is perfect for outdoor use and will remain sturdy and impressive whilst standing the test of time due to the weather-resistant rattan fibre and Sunbrella fabrics. All of our rattan furniture pieces are carefully hand-made, so you can rest assured that you are receiving a personal and quality item to finish your outdoor space. 

Pictured below is our beautiful Veneto Dining Chair: 

contemporary dining set

Our Suni Dining Table weaves its way into many of our dining sets, but we think that the beautiful curve of this round table is a perfect juxtaposition to the straight and smooth lines of our Veneto Dining Table. Pictured below is the Suni Dining Table.

outdoor dining tables

To order any of our Veneto Dining Products, simply contact iola for more details. 

5 Stunning Pieces of Outdoor Furniture

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Why should your outdoor furniture be any less comfortable than your indoor furniture?


Armchair and footstool

Armchair with Footstool

 How luxurious do those cushions look? Sit down, stretch your legs, and wiggle your toes – outdoor relaxation has never been so sumptuous!

Bench dining set

Dining Table & Benches

If you’re eating with a group of friends, these benches are far cosier than individual chairs. Perfect for casual picnics and elegant evening meals alike.

Sail Bed

Sail Bed Sun Lounger

 The ‘sail’ can be adjusted – open it to let the sunlight in, or close it to give yourself a little shade!

Chaise longue

Rattan Chaise Longue

 Ideal for an afternoon nap. Just stretch out and shut your eyes...

Rattan egg chair

Hanging Egg Chair

Curl up with a book and swing the afternoon away. It helps when you’ve got a view like that one, of course!

Rattan Furniture: Frequently Asked Questions

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Close-up photo of rattan furniture

Not sure what 'rattan' is? Wondering whether or not iola's ravishing rattan creations are a good choice for your space? Read on, and allow us to dispel your doubts...

Q: What is rattan?

A: Rattan is a type of palm tree found in tropical environments. Our furniture is made from rattan fibre; the core of the rattan tree is turned into wicker strands, and we weave those strands onto metal frames to create our beautiful rattan sofas, loungers, tables and chairs.

Q: Are rattan and wicker the same thing?

A: Not exactly. The word 'wicker' can refer to any kind of woven fibre - rattan wicker is only one type. Some wicker is even made entirely of plastic! While some manufacturers use the word indiscriminately, it isn't really 'rattan' unless it comes from a rattan palm tree.

Q: Do iola use real rattan?

A: Yes, although our rattan fibre is coated in recycled plastic for extra endurance. Natural rattan wicker would rot very quickly if left outdoors, and that's why we use PE rattan (natural rattan fibre with a polyethylene coating that toughens it up).

Now that you've learned about rattan furniture, return to iola's homepage and take a look at the beautiful rattan creations that we sell!