Photos from Recent Projects

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Our outdoor furniture designs have been used in all kinds of settings all over the world, and we're very proud of this fact. From five-star luxury resorts to laid-back beach bars, our stunning rattan creations fit in almost anywhere; to prove it, here are some photos from our most recent projects...


Outdoor dining sets

Our dining sets look amazing in the shadow of this lovely-looking hotel!


Sun loungers on the beach

These bespoke sun loungers are perfect for a quick (or not-so-quick) sunbathing session.


Dining area

More dining sets, though this time they're set against a leafy green backdrop. Who wouldn't love to enjoy a late breakfast here?


Rattan furniture by the beach

 And if you'd prefer a cool drink by the beach, you'll love this final photo. Our rattan chairs provide an exquisite place to relax after a dip in the sea!

If you are interested in using iola NZ's rattan furniture products for your projects, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

5 Gorgeous Swimming Pool Designs

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Our range of spectacular outdoor furniture is best accompanied by a truly outstanding outdoor space design, with our luxury pieces truly accentuating your garden. Our range of furniture is very popular with high-end hotels and commercial establishments, as well as in the home, and many of these places have splendid swimming pool designs. A swimming pool can truly finish off a gorgeous outdoor space, and we've used Pinterest to scout out 5 stunning swimming pool designs and chosen some of our gorgeous sun loungers to match these designs. 

1. Sleek and Stylish Pool Design 

We'd put our beautiful Seville Sun Lounger in this stunning modern outdoor space. 

sun lounger


2. Cosy and Contemporary 

We think our gorgeous Lavita Lounger would fit just perfectly here.

rattan sunbed


3. Bold and Modern

In this simple design we think our Lavanda Rattan Sun Lounger would finish it with style. 

rattan sun lounger


4. Romantic and Glamorous

In this beautiful romantic design we'd add our Sail Bed Lounger to switch it up! 

sail bed lounger


5. Grand and Elaborate 

Our reclining Ambrato Adjustable Lounger would be the ultimate way to enjoy this elaborate outdoor design. 

adjustable sun lounger

Breathtaking Hotel Designs

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Our exquisite range of luxury hand-crafted rattan furniture is featured in some of the best hotels, resorts and corporate business establishments all around the world. As such, we like to keep on top of interior design trends within the hotel sector. We are always looking for inspiration for our unique designs - many of you will know that our stunning Sail Bed Lounger is even modelled on the Sydney Opera House, and thus it is important to stay in the loop with hotel design to ensure our rattan furniture remains current, stylish and able to fit in to any high-class hotel establishment. 

For this week's blog post we thought we'd show you some of our favourite hotel designs. Hotels which are truly breathtaking not only for location, but for the attention to detail and design of their fabulous outdoor spaces. The hotels we've chosen has truly incredible outdoor spaces, and we believe some of our pieces would be right at home in these joints! We've paired some of our furniture to these gorgeous hotels, let us know if you agree with our choices or if you think another one of our range would perhaps be better suited. 

1. Club Med Kani - Maldives 

This stunning paradise location is breathtaking in itself, but the hotel being physically located in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives is really something special. Each room is on 'stilts' and you wake up to the ocean every morning - which is pretty spectacular, we think you'll agree. We love the lounging and relaxation areas pictured above, but can't help but think our beautiful Ambrato Sun Loungers (in white, to match the decor of course) would be perfect for reclining in the sun and soaking up that gorgeous view. Don't you?

adjustable sun lounger

2. Grace Santorini Hotel - Greece 

This beautiful Greek hotel utilises a beautiful minimalistic design and really lets that incredible view do the talking, doesn't it? We love the minimal use of furniture to just maximise on the incredible landscape presented there for us, but we think that a glass of wine from our gorgeous Azzuro Dining Set would heighten the experience of true paradise. 

outdoor bar set

3. Viceroy Hotel - Bali 

This beautiful hotel is truly exquisite in location high up in the trees boasting the most incredible exotic location. The impressive luxury design of this hotel is the best way to accentuate this incredible location - and we'd love to add to it! How perfect would it be to curl up in our Sail Bed Rattan Lounger and take in nature at its very finest?

sail bed lounger

5 Beautiful Sun Loungers for your Garden

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Here at Iola we are advocates of making the most of your outdoor space. We supply hand made luxury furniture for you to transform your homes and truly enjoy what you have worked hard for. When the sun is shining there is nothing more rewarding than coming home from work and relaxing in your garden with a glass of wine, or spending the afternoon in the sun with a book! We think the best way to do that is by relaxing on some of our most popular rattan furniture products: our range of gorgeous sun loungers. 

We have 5 beautiful rattan sun loungers available, all of which are hand made. Choose one of our 5 beautiful sun loungers to really make the most of your outdoor space! 

1. Sail Bed Rattan Lounger 

sail bed lounger

2. Seville Rattan Lounger

sun lounger

3. Lavanda Rattan Lounger 

rattan sun lounger

4. Ambrato Rattan Lounger

adjustable sun lounger

5. Lavita Rattan Lounger 

rattan sunbed


Each of our rattan sun loungers is customisable to your taste with fabrics and colours. To order one of our sun loungers and live a life of relaxation and luxury, contact us now for a quote. 

Iola Furniture for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

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We at iola have a fantastic track record with the hospitality industry. Of course, our rattan furniture looks amazing no matter where it’s placed, but we’re particularly proud of the work we’ve done for hotels and restaurants – our products have been used in some of the world’s most luxurious resorts, and the feedback we’ve received has never been anything short of stellar!

As you’d probably guess, our sun loungers are extremely popular where hotels and holiday resorts are concerned. No swimming pool should be without a row of sun beds along the side, and iola’s luxury loungers are the perfect choice for hotel pools of all sizes. Our dining sets have also been used in dozens of hotel restaurants.


And that brings us rather neatly to our other speciality: outdoor furniture for bars, restaurants, and other such establishments. Every restaurant ought to have an outdoor section (for those glorious summer evenings on which it would be a crime to stay inside), and as you’re already aware, nobody can beat iola when it comes to outdoor seating. Imagine watching the sun go down from your comfortable Cerino dining chair, or enjoying a summer cocktail while seating at the Azzuro bar set – paradise!


Click here for more information on our hotel furniture >
Click here for more information on our restaurant/bar furniture >

Hospitality Furniture

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iola hospitality has launched a new range of barstools, dining and lounge furniture specifically designed for the hotel, restaurant and hospitality markets. Manufactured in Europe, we offer complete customisation. Contact us today to find out more. iola is the leading supply of commercial furniture to the hospitality sector. We supply more 5 star hotels and resorts than anyone else. We are currently building a new site which will feature the most extensive range of furniture in NZ.

Commercial Furniture from Iola

Posted by Gareth

Iola is the number one supplier for rattan furniture in New Zealand, as well as a major supplier to the South Pacific, Africa and Europe. We have supplied hand-made rattan furniture to a number of 5 star hotel establishments, including Melia, Sofitel, Le Meridien and Four Seasons. However, if our sterling reputation and extensive list of clientele weren't enough to persuade you our commercial furniture is the best in the business, sit back, relax and let us convince you. 


If you operate a commercial establishment and are looking for commercial furniture to enhance your business then you need look no further than iola. All our furniture is made from commercial grade alloy (1.6-1.8mm), 316 marine grade stainless steel and German rattan fibre. Our German fibre is certified to 50,000 cycles which of course is imperative in a hotel or restaurant environment. Combine this with our solution dyed acrylics from Sunbrella and top-quality marine foam and you have aesthetically beautiful and exceptionally comfortable commercial furniture of the highest standard. 


We specialise in bespoke designs and made-to-measure furniture, so please bare in mind that the images you find in the iola catalogue and even on this website are only a snippet of what we have to offer - we can work with you to create some truly beautiful commercial furniture for your establishment.


The prices found on our website reflect our retail prices, for commercial prices and to discuss how iola can help improve your business, contact us today. 

Iola's Luxury Sun Loungers

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There are several things we aim to achieve with our luxury sun loungers – comfort, relaxation, and a stylish quality that is unsurpassable!

Achieving all of this is no mean feat, but luckily we have the knowledge, skill, and commitment to building the most luxurious of luxury sun loungers. It all starts with the material we use: everything from the frame, to the fixtures and fittings, to the rattan itself has been chosen specifically for its durability and finish! We use only the finest quality German Rehau fibre, commercial grade alloy for the frame, marine reticulating foam, and even marine-grade stainless steel for the fittings.

Having such superior materials available is just one thing, making sure it is masterfully assembled is just as important. Luckily, we have a team of master weavers from Cebu – the Philippines – that are simply experts in their craft! All members of the weaving team are specialists in hand-crafting rattan furniture for commercial purposes, so you know you’re getting exceedingly exquisite furniture.

We have quite the range of luxury sun loungers, so whether you want to kit out a commercial establishment or simply adorn your own outdoor living area, the chances are we have something for you!

Our Seville Rattan Lounger is ideal for pool side reclining, and its contemporary design will add plenty of charm to any outdoor setting. Another stylish and contemporary choice is the Ambrato Adjustable lounger which is truly a thing of beauty. If you would prefer something a little more traditional our Lavanda Rattan Sun Lounger is packed with classic character. Or, if you’d like something a tad unorthodox and full of original design features, our Sail Bed Rattan Lounger offers all of this and more.

Come and take a look at our sumptuous selection of luxury sun loungers, and start planning a new level of relaxation today!

The Best Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Posted by Gareth

Iola is proud to be New Zealand’s top supplier of superior commercial furniture. It is this reputation that has seen us supply furniture for 5 star hotel brands like the Four Seasons, Melia, Le Meridien, Sofitel and the Hilton, to name a few.

The reason such reputable brands chose our commercial outdoor furniture is because of its resounding quality. The frames we use are made of 1.6-1.8mm commercial grade alloy; the stainless steel we use is 316 marine grade; and the German rattan we use is the highest quality available (so much so it is certified to 50,000 cycles – ideal for busy establishments). We have also thrown in some Sunbrella acrylics and water-resistant marine foam too.

Basically, every single material that goes into our luxurious rattan furniture has been carefully selected to not only to perfectly serve its purpose, but to do so for a long, long time – even the fixtures and fittings are made from marine grade stainless steel!

If you own a commercial establishment, you can take great comfort in knowing that you have made a careful investment; our furniture positively sings high quality. Even the weavers who make our outdoor furniture products have been hand-picked for their excellent craftsmanship, and they never rush their work.

Whether you own a bar, hotel, resort, restaurant, or spa, we have a selection of furniture that will cater to your commercial needs. Our extensive client base includes top architects, design professionals, and hotel specifiers, all of which were hugely impressed with the style and finesse of their finished furniture.

We can make bespoke made-to-measure furniture, so remember that what you see in our catalogue is only a glimpse of what we actually offer. Why not take a look at some the examples of furniture we have made for our customers, and start dreaming up your own rattan creations now!

Cushion Fabric Designs from Iola

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If you’re purchasing hand-crafted furniture for your garden, then you want the piece to transform your outdoor space and be the envy of your neighbours. That’s why as well as our beautiful rattan, we strive to offer a number of fashionable and stunning cushion fabric designs to match, so that you can customise your iola furniture to perfectly suit your needs. Our fabric is sourced from a number of internationally recognised high-end brands including Sunbrella™, Unique, Mokum, James Dunlop and Warwick, and it’s all UV resistant, stain resistant and durable.


 1. Black

2. Canvas

3. Antique Beige

These are our favourite neutral canvas colours. These natural colours will work with any design scheme in your outdoor space, and provide a really classy finish. 




1. Tuscan

2. Bridge Stripe

3. Frame

Our stylish choices are slightly bolder and are guaranteed to give your garden a bit of a boost. They look exquisite against the sleek rattan base.




1. Villia

2. Relief

3. Shatter

Our most deliciously daring patterns will turn your outdoor furniture into works of art. These stunning designs will give your garden the edge, with the stunning and complex designs working perfectly against the smooth rattan weaving.

Stunning Commercial Outdoor Furniture

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Iola supplies commercial outdoor furniture of an exceptional quality to a number of commercial establishments. Our beautiful woven furniture can be found in hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and resorts belonging to a number of 5 star brands - Four Seasons, Le Meridien, Sofitel and Melia to name but a few.

Indeed, we are the number one supplier of rattan furniture to the commercial sector – one Melia Resort chose Iola from over 18 other vendors to handle a 10,000 piece delivery. But what is it that makes our commercial outdoor furniture products so successful?

Our bespoke furniture is made from commercial grade alloy (1.6-1.8mm), German rattan fibre, 316 marine grade stainless steel, solution dyed acrylics from Sunbrella™ and top quality marine foam. Our German fibre is certified to 50,000 cycles which is a fundamental requirement for any furniture in busy hotels and restaurants. Oh, and it’s not just the materials that are of a phenomenal quality, but also the look, comfort, build and style of our commercial outdoor furniture. Factor in the vast variety of bespoke designs that we offer, and it’s clear that Iola furniture is head and shoulders above the competition.

If you pop over to our commercial outdoor furniture page you can see some examples of our beautiful premium products. Of course, these images – and even the images found in the Iola catalogue – are just a small sample of what we have to offer! We specialise in bespoke designs and made-to-measure products, so just get in touch if you have something in mind.

Please note that the prices on this website reflect our retail prices. If you are interested in our commercial prices, please contact us