Hanging Egg chair Prices

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If you have been keeping an eye on our site you may hand noticed that we have added a hanging egg chair to our 2012 line up. We will add some images in the next couple of weeks. The all important pricing is as follows:

Hanging Egg chairs  ($999 for a limited time ). Please do not confuse our hanging egg chair with that sold by Coastal Design. The two products differ materially. We use German rattan fibre which is recognised as the market leader. Coastal Design use Chinese rattan fibre . We use commercial grade frames (1.8mm alloy). We employ superior 1 x 1 weaving. All of our cushions use reticulated marine foam and Sunbrella. The other vendors selling these chairs in NZ use polyester and standard foam. A free standing frame is available separately for $290 which is alloy NOT steel!. Chair colour options will be Natural, White Wash and Bronze. Available for $999. 

The original Egg chair was designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1959. iola's egg chair is a tribute to that piece


If you are looking for a superior product, make sure you pay iola a visit. There is a reason we lead the market in outdoor woven furniture.














The New Zealand Commercial Hotel Furniture Supplier of Choice

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iola is a leading supplier of outdoors commercial hotel furniture to New Zealand, Fiji and the Pacific Islands. The reason we are the commercial hotel furniture supplier of choice is down to our bill of materials which are best in class, our heavy focus on design and our workmanship which is world class.

Our hotel furniture collection is not just loved in the Pacific. Hotels and resorts across the world are discovering the beauty, quality and functionality of iola commercial hotel furniture all the time. We supply beautiful seating and dining solutions to world-class hotel chains including:

•    Jumeirah Beach Hotels
•    The Hilton in Abu Dhabi
•    Oamardeen Hotels
•    Movenpick Hotel & Resorts
•    Sofitel Luxury Hotels & many more

If you’re looking to give your establishment a contemporary edge and stylish appeal, the iola commercial hotel furniture collection has a weather resistant, high quality solution for you. We are passionate about the outdoor furniture we create which is why we have worked hard to perfect every element of our designs. When you choose iola commercial hotel furniture you will enjoy:

•    Beautiful, innovative designs

All of our products have been created to have stunning contemporary and commercial appeal.

•    The highest quality materials
From highly advanced, German engineered Rehau Stressfle x fibre to water resistant Sunbrella fabrics all of our materials are the very best in their field.

•    Perfect weather and UV resistance
These advanced materials allow us to create commercial hotel furniture which is incredibly weather and UV resistant.

•    Low maintenance hotel furniture
On top of all this, our commercial hotel furniture is blissfully simple to clean and maintain.

If you operate a hospitality venue and are interested in seeing more of iola’s commercial hotel furniture, please view our collection online or drop us a line to find out why we are a truly superb choice, worldwide. No other vendor makes outdoor commercial hotel furniture like us and is able to offer such a compelling purchase proposition.


Luxury Outdoor Furniture

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iola is the dominant supplier in the luxury outdoor furniture market in New Zealand. We have been supplying the premium residential and commercial market with high end luxury woven furniture that is unsurpassed. Using german, U.S and U.K materials, design lead, contemporary all woven by the worlds most skilled weaving force.


Sofitel Denarau Island chooses iola

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A brief update to this blog post. Last weekend we completed our delivery and setup. Senior hotel management have emailed me to say they think the furniture is 'Magnificent'-their exact words. Exceeding their expectations and couldn't be happier. Photos to follow.


iola is proud to announce that Fiji's most exclusive hotel, the Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa, has chosen iola outdoor furniture for their refurbishment project. The hotel management  came to us with an exacting specification of 'German rattan fibres, Sunbrella fabric and reticulated marine foam'. We will be adding some photographs in due course when the project is completed.

Being near the coast, the hotel will be exposed to a high level of salt air. iola's use of 316 marine grade stainless will ensure  long lasting highly corrosion resistant furniture. Furthermore, our german fibre is rated for 50,000 cycles i.e commercial grade. It is also laboratory proven to be 5X more durable that other rattan fibres.



iola: Passionate About Innovative Outdoor Furniture Designs

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From our unique sailbed inspired by the Sydney Opera House to our innovative use of advanced materials and traditional Pilipino weaving techniques, the iola team are passionate about creating contemporary outdoor furniture designs which will one day become true classics.

With  the incredible technical skills of Ruel Atis, our head of weaving in Cebu, iola are able to mastermind inspiring outdoor furniture designs and breathe a fresh burst of life into the somewhat static garden furniture industry.

All too often it is felt that outdoor furniture designs can be either practical or beautiful – but never both. Here at iola we disagree. By using the very best, modern materials available our outdoor furniture designs are the perfect fusion of style and functionality. You don’t just get good looks when you invest in iola outdoor furniture, you also get durability, resilience, comfort, stability and an incredibly low maintenance product.

We use phenomenal, German-engineered Rehau Stressflex fibres in the place of traditional rattan and cheaper, less durable PVC alternatives. This gives us enhanced flexibility in terms of what we can do with our outdoor furniture, making room for real creativity and innovation. In addition to this newly creative capacity, these fibres create unprecedentedly weather and UV resistant rattan furniture which is virtually indestructible and blissfully easy to maintain.

Now we are busy incorporating new techniques and new advanced materials into our  designs including cord and flat-weave garden furniture designs and a specially created waterproof form of leather.

If you are interested in learning more about iola furniture , or would like to browse our collection for inspiring creations for your home or business, please visit the rest of the website or get in touch via phone or email: (09) 570 1112 / info@iola.co.nz

The below collection is available online only and priced:











Ramato Collection a hit in the UK

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Here is what Charlotte from Notting Hill, London said about her new Ramato collection which was delivered yesterday-our response is no you don't have to take iola cushions indoors. They are designed for permanent outdoor use because we use marine reticulated foam as standard.

quote 'we are very pleased.  It is a very good quality piece of furniture.  I did want to check with you what I should do about protecting it from the rain though.  I brought the cusions in when it was raining yesterday, but wasn't sure if I always had to do that'


Our comment: iola uses reticulated marine foam so you do not have to take your cushions indoors in any weather. In NZ there are only three vendors using this material


Textilene Outdoor furniture

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What is Textilene? The fabric is a man made polyester with a PVC coating. Like all industries there is good and bad Textilene. For those choosing to buy Textilene, consider the following:


1. Textilene, is a brand of Twitchell Corp in the United States. They make a quality fabric. Ask your vendor what brand of Textilene they use. Odds are it's a no brand asian variant. When we say NZ U.V is brutal we can almost guarantee anything untested in our climate will break down/rot very quickly (see point 3!).

2. Specialist cleaning products are required because the fabric mesh is prone to catching debris and normal cleaners leave an unsightly residue.

3. Oddly many Auckland vendors are offering a mere 12 month warranty on sofas made from this material. 1 year on a 10k sofa?


Our personal opinion is that unless the materials are branded do not touch them. We talk about rattan fibre quality a lot on this site. Buy a brand and more importantly if you are spending 10K on outdoor furniture then make sure you thoroughly research what you are buying.


iola outdoor furniture is unique

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We have spoken at length about quality on the site. The fact that there are 3 or 4 other brands, global brands that we would consider our real competitors (in quality). We have also spoken about our purchasing proposition and how we can support the fact we offer a product that is rather unique at the premium end. Fact, iola rattan furniture is as good as any top end European brand and in most cases actually superior. We are rattan specialists and we are the only NZ business involved actively in the manufacture of our furniture. We compete with Dedon, Cane Line and Gloster and are happy to say that we sell more premium woven furniture than any of them. We have recently won a number of significant hotel projects which we are certain makes us the leading commercial supplier of woven furniture in N.Z

It is not a mistake that we fail to mention some 'brands' as being competitors despite their prices being higher than ours. They use low spec materials and do not offer a quality product. We have no wish to name them because if you are an active reader of our blogs and site generally you will know what to ask to determine quality.


Todays blog post also  wanted to address weaving technique. The major European brands use a 1 x 1 technique. It is proper, robust weaving. Almost all other brands do not use this technique. They employ a 2 X 1 weaving which means less  material, loose weaving and the only reason they do this is to save on materials.


Look at our weaving, press hard on the surface and it will not move like other woven furniture. There are no gaps. Water struggles to penetrate through out weaving.


Wicker furniture New Zealand

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Wicker furniture covers a very large range of products from rattan to cane to water Hyacinth. In fact any woven furniture is considered wicker.

Wicker in the art if wicking or weaving. The real deciding factor is whether you are looking for all weather outdoor wicker furniture or indoor wicker. iola wicker can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications because it is made from the most robust german weaving material that is proven 5X more durable than o ther synthetic materials. Wheras a natural cane, hyacinth or rattan(albeit a rare material today) is not suited for outdoor applications because the weaving material will rot when exposed to UV or wet conditions.


iola premium wicker furniture doesn't just stop there. We also specify commercial grade frames and utilise special marine foam in our cushions which are covered by Sunbrellas as standard across the range. This fabric has been the global leader for 50 years. Of course we can use any other quality fabric from Mokum, James Dunlop, Warwick or Unique.


LOcated in Auckland, NZ. Drop in to view out fantastic range.


Outdoor furniture New Zealand

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If you are looking for quality wicker, rattan or cane outdoor furniture in Auckland, New Zealand, iola is a must see. Our specification is the highest in the industry evidenced by our branded German fibre which is considered the finest globally, marine reticulated foam and sunbrella cushions. iola is a rattan furniture specialist based in Auckland and the facts are we offer the most compelling purchasing proposition in the country. Any other vendor selling a product even close to our quality is double the price., Shop around but make sure you see us. And always do your research after reading our quality guide. Ask other vendors whether they can match our bill of materials. 


How does the competition stack up? iola quality facts

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Iola 2011 Collection – Must Know Facts



The Rattan Furniture market in New Zealand comprises, perhaps 200 retailers selling a wide range of product from very low to very high end. How to spot a quality product-look at the fibre, the foam and the fabrics used. We could talk about the grade of stainless steel, the weaving style or the frame construction but for a quick guide; fibre, foam, fabric will suffice. We know for a fact that no other rattan furniture product on the market within 50% of our price point is made to iola furniture standards. We also know our furniture is of a higher quality than some brands costing twice as much!


 There are only 5 retail brands using German fibre; Dedon, Cane-Line, Rausch, iola and Gloster. The same 5 also use marine reticulated foam and solution dyed acrylics such as Sunbrella ™. This is no coincidence.  German rattan fibre (we use Rehau) is proven 5X more durable than conventional rattan fibre. Sunbrella has a 50 year history in the development of luxury outdoor fabrics that will not fade or rot even in our U.V. Only marine foam is suitable for permanent outdoor use. Any other foam will rot.


Iola don’t just meet the standards of  other good quality brands we largely exceed them despite the competition being on average, twice the price! We use 316 marine grade stainless steel in out exposed metal fittings. We are aware of one other vendor using this grade of stainless and their product is 3X our price point.


What we are saying is that a mere handful  of vendors are using the best materials available. The rest are using Chinese fibre and  cheap alloy parts. Chinese fibre is recycled plastic bottles and is designed for the European and North American markets which do not have UV issues. New Zealand has brutal UV! It is not a matter of if but when these materials will fail in our climate. The simple reason these vendors do not use German weaving material is because of cost. German fibres cost 3X more than chinese fibres.


Iola is unique. Not only do we use the highest quality materials we also employ manufacturing techniques which are superior. Examples are; one piece dining table construction. Is the table you are looking at knock down? Unless it is from one of the brands listed above we would bet it is. A knock down table is designed to save freight costs at the expense of structural integrity and in our opinion they look terrible because the legs must be bolted on!  iola also employ true ‘1 x 1’ weaving. Can you see gaps or is the waeve not very tight on the furniture elsewhere? We also underweave all of our frames and use commercial grade 1.6-1.8mm gauge metal frames.



There is no compromise at iola. Our furniture is the finest in the world and that is not just marketing hype. Everything about our product screams exceptional quality. We have sourced every component from companies recognised as the global leaders in their chosen field. Moss in the UK, Unique fabrics from Italy, Rauchord from Germany, Sunbrella from the United States.


 There is not any  other product on the market superior to ours yet there are several retailers in Auckland pricing their furniture at our price points  yet do not use good quality materials. The biggest sign of a weak product is the rattan fibre.  It is not just our opinion but fact that the Germans make the best synthetic fibre.




Rattan furniture is the only product we deal in. We are specialists



We encourage all discerning customers to do their research and know what they are buying and ask questions about the fibre, the fabrics, foam and the frames.


There is a reason why iola sells more Premium Rattan Furniture than any other retailer in N.Z



Coastal Furniture

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iola is one of two vendors who specify 316 marine grade stainless steel in our outdoor furniture. Many of our customers live in coastal properties where  higher levels of salt air would corrode furniture made from less robust materials. We also use german fibre and marine reticulated foams to ensure four season durability. Contact us today to view our exciting 2011/12 range of designer outdoor furniture.