Finding Luxury Furniture in New Zealand

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Woven rattan chair with iola logo

We’re blessed with pretty good weather here in NZ, and as such, there’s a lot of demand for outdoor furniture. That demand is met by thousands of suppliers throughout the country, but if you were to take a good look at the products that these suppliers offer, you’d find a colossal variation in quality.

Now, our industry does have standards, and all rattan furniture manufacturers have to meet certain bare minimums before they can even hit the market. And therein lies the problem: many suppliers will stop at the bare minimum, and this results in cheap, poor-quality merchandise that fails to stand the test of time.

This issue is even more frustrating when those manufacturers use the term ‘luxury furniture’. There are no regulations in place regarding what can and can’t be labelled ‘luxury’, and so genuine luxury furniture (like that available from iola NZ) has to compete with bargain basement ‘luxury furniture’ with the life expectancy of a gnat.

So don’t be fooled by NZ’s numerous snake oil merchants! Read iola NZ’s guide to buying luxury furniture, and know what to look for when you do eventually go shopping!

Our Favourite Outdoor Cocktails

Posted by adam

Azzuro rattan bar set

Pictured: Azzuro Rattan Dining Set

What's even better than relaxing outdoors at the end of the day? Relaxing outdoors with a drink in your hand! It's difficult to beat a good glass of wine, but if you fancy getting a little more creative with your drinks, here are some choice cocktails that are sure to go down smooth when enjoyed in an outdoor setting...

Mojito Royal
A luxurious twist on the standard Mojito.

Instructions (makes 1 glass):

  • Crush some mint leaves into a glass.
  • Add 2 shots of white rum.
  • Add 22ml of lime juice and 8ml of sugar syrup.
  • Fill the glass with ice and stir.
  • Top up with the champagne of your choice and serve.

Carpe Diem
A fruity favourite, ideal for warm days!

Instructions (makes 1 pitcher):

  • Put 10 strawberries, 30ml of lime juice, 90ml of apple juice, and 2 tablespoons of sugar in a blender/food processor and mix.
  • Pour the mixture over ice.
  • Add 150ml (six shots) of gin.
  • Tear up some basil leaves, add to the pitcher and stir.
  • Top with champagne and serve.

Strawberry Daiquiri
A sweet, moreish classic.

Instructions (makes 1 glass):

  • Put 4 strawberries, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 25ml of lime juice and one shot of strawberry liqueur into a cocktail shaker and muddle with a pestle or the end of a rolling pin.
  • Decant this mixture into a cocktail shaker and shake thoroughly.
  • Serve and enjoy!

Not a curry, but a refreshing orange and cranberry drink that's easy to make.

Instructions (makes 1 glass):

  • Pour 1 shot of vodka and 90ml of cranberry juice over ice and stir thoroughly.
  • Top off with orange juice and serve.

If you like the idea of hosting your own cocktail parties in the back garden, why not invest in an Azzuro bar set? This rattan bar collection is comfortable, weather-resistant, and all-around ideal for a few outdoor cocktails!

3 Things All Outdoor Seating Needs

Posted by adam

rattan armchair

Here at iola, we consider ourselves to be experts on outdoor furniture. Our outdoor seating range is full of top quality products, and our continued success in this market is down to our grasp of what people want and need from their garden furnishings.

In our opinion, there are three things that any outdoor seating product ought to have:

Durability – The ability to handle harsh weather conditions without falling apart or becoming degraded. Outdoor furniture must be able to cope with outdoor life!

Comfort – What good is an uncomfortable seat? A garden chair should be a pleasure to sit on, ideally offering the same level of comfort that you’d expect from your living room furniture.

Style – Gardens ought to look beautiful, and that extends to everything within the garden, too. You wouldn’t decorate your interiors with ugly objects – why not apply that same ethos to your outdoor space?

Our all-weather outdoor furniture passes these three tests with flying colours. The materials that we use are perfectly suited for outdoor use; our marine-reticulated cushions are comfortable and durable; and our unique designs never fail to inspire and delight. View our catalogue now!

Your Garden is Just Another Room to Decorate!

Posted by adam

outdoor furniture set

Everyone wants their living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom to look good, but fewer people are prepared to spend time decorating the garden. Putting oodles of effort into an area that's so open to the elements may seem like a fool's errand. but fear not - with so many stunning, weather-resistant outdoor products available nowadays, it's easy to a) make your garden look beautiful, and b) keep it that way.

And if you're looking for weatherproof ways to beautify your garden, you may as well start with the best! Iola's stunning outdoor furniture is specifically designed for open-air use - our rattan products will make your garden feel just as luxurious as your living room, while simultaneously staying strong in the face of bad weather!

If you want to make the most of your home, it's important to start viewing the garden as another room of the house. You can decorate it, personalise it, and cherish it, and whether you turn it into an alfresco dining room or a snug retreat where you can curl up with a good book, the results are sure to be well worth the effort!

Download an Iola NZ catalogue to see the full range of products that we can offer you and your garden!

Stunning Commercial Outdoor Furniture

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Iola supplies commercial outdoor furniture of an exceptional quality to a number of commercial establishments. Our beautiful woven furniture can be found in hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and resorts belonging to a number of 5 star brands - Four Seasons, Le Meridien, Sofitel and Melia to name but a few.

Indeed, we are the number one supplier of rattan furniture to the commercial sector – one Melia Resort chose Iola from over 18 other vendors to handle a 10,000 piece delivery. But what is it that makes our commercial outdoor furniture products so successful?

Our bespoke furniture is made from commercial grade alloy (1.6-1.8mm), German rattan fibre, 316 marine grade stainless steel, solution dyed acrylics from Sunbrella™ and top quality marine foam. Our German fibre is certified to 50,000 cycles which is a fundamental requirement for any furniture in busy hotels and restaurants. Oh, and it’s not just the materials that are of a phenomenal quality, but also the look, comfort, build and style of our commercial outdoor furniture. Factor in the vast variety of bespoke designs that we offer, and it’s clear that Iola furniture is head and shoulders above the competition.

If you pop over to our commercial outdoor furniture page you can see some examples of our beautiful premium products. Of course, these images – and even the images found in the Iola catalogue – are just a small sample of what we have to offer! We specialise in bespoke designs and made-to-measure products, so just get in touch if you have something in mind.

Please note that the prices on this website reflect our retail prices. If you are interested in our commercial prices, please contact us

5 Things to Do In the Garden

Posted by adam

While we are primarily a luxury outdoor furniture company, we also believe you should get full enjoyment out of your back garden, regardless of what furniture you happen to possess.

To celebrate this notion, we’ve come up with a short list of 5 activities you can do in the garden in a bid to get more people enjoying their space!

1. Be More Green

Some of you may already be avid gardeners, but for those of you who aren’t, you just might be missing out on something! If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to your garden you can pick plants and flowers that require little maintaining. Better yet, why not turn your attention to growing herbs so you have some fruits for your labour?

2. Dine Alfresco

Eating outdoors should be done whenever possible. There is something undeniably pleasant about using nature as your backdrop when dining, especially when having a barbecue, which is in itself a primal occasion. Even if you don’t fancy getting the grill out, why not make yourself a mini picnic and get the whole family involved (weather permitting, of course)?

3. Wildlife

Encouraging some wildlife into your outdoor space is a great use of your garden. Of course, there is some wildlife which you definitely wouldn’t want wandering around your garden, but installing a bird bath or some feeders would lure a range of birds to your home – which makes for fascinating viewing.

4. Games

This is another broad category and especially applicable if you have children (though you don’t have to be a child to enjoy playing games). From sports and personal pursuits, to crafts and water fights, there is a lot more you can get away with when playing in the garden as opposed to the house, so why not take advantage and enjoy yourself?

5. Relax

You’ll like this one as it involves doing a whole lot of nothing. We know the weather and seasons are going to have a lot to say about this last one, but there are few better ways to spend an afternoon than sprawled out the back with a good book – serene, satisfying, and soothing.


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We are running an end of season sale for customers who are interested in buying the highest quality woven furniture in NZ.



We have:


A range of dining sets at up to 40% off

Modular sofa- white wash, slate and some bronze (taupe and a few Coal cushions). 

Fiordaliso Arm chairs in white wash and taupe with swivelling bases. I have a few slate and bronze. 4 X arm chairs +ottoman $5k. 30% off

Riviera Chaise in White Wash/taupe

How our sale works. Email us with what you're looking for exactly and we will let you know the pricing or visit our showroom on Saturday, Monday through Wednesday. We have never had a sale before and the stock is limited. It won't last. iola is by far the biggest selling high end outdoor brand in NZ. There is a reason 99% of our business is to 5 star resorts such as FourSeasons, Carlisle Group, Westin, Meridien, Jumeirah in Dubai etc. No other vendor in NZ comes close to our offering.

If you are looking for woven outdoor, do yourself a favour and buy from an expert. We are 100% dedicated to this one niche product.

Email  two chaise and a coffee table. 42% off





Order your Egg Chair for January Delievry

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We have had an unprecedented run on our Egg chairs. As of writing this blog post we have 2 or 3 white left. We have 50 Natural and Bronze on the way for delivery end of January 2014. Reserve yours today. They will not last more than 2-3 weeks.


Tulip Umbrellas- Made in Germany - Architecturally Stunning

Posted by adam

Due to demand from one of our Architectural customers, iola now offers the complete range of Tulip umbrellas. Made in Germany to exacting standards. Simply stunning. Enquire in store or email us.


A wide range of other Cantilever, side post and market umbrellas are also available. Our site will be updatde shortly with a significant rane of umbrellas including market, alloy, wooden. These umbrellas are top end commercial, European made. We know our discerning customers and hotel operators will love them! 









Hospitality Cafe and Restaurant Chairs

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iola has designed a new range of Cafe, Restaurant and Hospitality chairs, tables and accessories. Made to the same exacting standards as our retail range (German materials and 1 x 1 weaving). Enquire today how iola can enhance your venue






iola Strap-Line

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New to 2013 is the iola Strap-Line series. Asko Nobel of Denmark provide the powder coating for our seemless alloy frames, weaving using iola Strap weave in Taupe or Silver. Sunbrella and marine foam finish off this exquisite collection (colour range available). Please enquire in store, Geyser Building, 100 Parnell Road or email us here




Queenstown, Wanaka and South Island Customers

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We would encourage you to make the trip up to see us in Parnell. Buying new outdoor furniture is not a small investment and our furniture is superior to any other outdoor furniture brand available in the South Island. We have supplied hundreds of SI customers. Of course if you would like to order via email or phone you are welcome to do so. Often we are able to offer free shipping. The vast majority of our SI customers do buy unseen. This may sound a bit brave however we have a great reputation and impeccable testimonials. Contact us today