Dream Gardens, Dream Furniture

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It's all very well us showing you beautiful pictures of our furniture, but for you to really envision its presence you need to see the kind of gardens that would house it perfectly. For an even more alternative view, we've found some stunning garden designs at night-time - because our furniture can be enjoyed just as much when the sun goes down!

Here are some beautiful gardens at night, and the furniture we'd pick to make them even more luxurious:

We love this modern and sleek garden design, and especially how the addition of that fire turns it into a haven come nightfall. Though we see what they've tried to do with these black tables and chairs, we think our Nova Bench dining set would look far less clunky and obtrusive, as well as complement the cutting-edge design much more!

This next design again shows a stunning garden design that looks equally inviting at night! We love the mood lighting and oasis-esque design of the space, but what we think this space could benefit from is some of our long, luxurious Siena seating sofas - not only would their elegant and lenghty structure make for a perfect viewing point, but their superior quality would feel right at home in such a desirable environment.

Our final night-time nirvana again utilises under-water lighting and the clever use of plants! This design incorporates a deck that overlooks the beautiful water, but the loungers shown are just not worthy of their surroundings! We'd instead use our Ambrato sun loungers in Carbon Black - the contemporary design of these loungers is a much better fit to this stylish space, and the cool carbon colour looks striking day or night time.

Breathtaking Hotel Designs

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Our exquisite range of luxury hand-crafted rattan furniture is featured in some of the best hotels, resorts and corporate business establishments all around the world. As such, we like to keep on top of interior design trends within the hotel sector. We are always looking for inspiration for our unique designs - many of you will know that our stunning Sail Bed Lounger is even modelled on the Sydney Opera House, and thus it is important to stay in the loop with hotel design to ensure our rattan furniture remains current, stylish and able to fit in to any high-class hotel establishment. 

For this week's blog post we thought we'd show you some of our favourite hotel designs. Hotels which are truly breathtaking not only for location, but for the attention to detail and design of their fabulous outdoor spaces. The hotels we've chosen has truly incredible outdoor spaces, and we believe some of our pieces would be right at home in these joints! We've paired some of our furniture to these gorgeous hotels, let us know if you agree with our choices or if you think another one of our range would perhaps be better suited. 

1. Club Med Kani - Maldives 

This stunning paradise location is breathtaking in itself, but the hotel being physically located in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives is really something special. Each room is on 'stilts' and you wake up to the ocean every morning - which is pretty spectacular, we think you'll agree. We love the lounging and relaxation areas pictured above, but can't help but think our beautiful Ambrato Sun Loungers (in white, to match the decor of course) would be perfect for reclining in the sun and soaking up that gorgeous view. Don't you?

adjustable sun lounger

2. Grace Santorini Hotel - Greece 

This beautiful Greek hotel utilises a beautiful minimalistic design and really lets that incredible view do the talking, doesn't it? We love the minimal use of furniture to just maximise on the incredible landscape presented there for us, but we think that a glass of wine from our gorgeous Azzuro Dining Set would heighten the experience of true paradise. 

outdoor bar set

3. Viceroy Hotel - Bali 

This beautiful hotel is truly exquisite in location high up in the trees boasting the most incredible exotic location. The impressive luxury design of this hotel is the best way to accentuate this incredible location - and we'd love to add to it! How perfect would it be to curl up in our Sail Bed Rattan Lounger and take in nature at its very finest?

sail bed lounger

Inspiration: Gorgeous Garden Designs

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We're pretty big Pinterest addicts here at iola NZ. When we're not pinning spectacular images to our own boards, we're gazing in admiration at everybody else's - we follow a huge variety of people, from interior decorators and product designers to nature photographers and fellow New Zealanders.

Still, as you'd probably expect, our main area of (P)interest is outdoor design. Many's the afternoon that we've spent scrolling through stunning gardens and amazing outdoor ideas. In fact, we've seen so many great garden designs that we thought we'd share a few of the best with you guys - feast your eyes on these:

We love a good two-tier garden, and this design pulls it off perfectly, making the most of a relatively small space. The black and red chairs are interesting, but we personally think that the whole space would look a lot more 'zen' with a Nova Bench Set on the patio instead.


Another small space with big appeal. That circular lawn looks lovely, especially framed with those bricks. Still, it does seem a little bare - we think that our Folio Dining Set would be a great way to fill the gap. Who wouldn't love to have their dinner in this garden?


We'll finish with another two-tier design, although this space is a little more contemporary than the first. We actually love the bold, modern furniture designs in this garden, although that upper platform does seem like the perfect place to put a Sail Bed Lounger.

If you enjoyed this post, why not follow iola NZ on Pinterest? We've got loads of beautiful pins like these!

More Perfect Pairings

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Last week, we did a blog post about some of our favourite outdoor accessories (and the iola furniture designs that best complemented them). That blog was so well-received that we’ve decided to do it again – here are three more products that would look absolutely perfect with our hand-crafted rattan furniture:


Fire Table
(Alfresco NZ, Christchurch)

Alfresco NZ specialise in customised heating products, and the fire table is their pièce de résistance. We really like the table in the photo above – the modern look is very much in-keeping with the iola approach to furniture design, and the built-in firepit would be perfect for an evening outdoors.

We think that the fire table would be a great match for our Azzuro bar stools.


Bonsai Trees
(California Gardens, Miramar)

We mentioned California Gardens in the previous ‘Perfect Pairings’ blog, but we couldn’t resist a second visit to their wonderful catalogue. As you can see, their Bonsai trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes – we’re sure that any of the plants in the photo above would make a fine addition to your outdoor space.

We’d love to see a few Bonsai trees scattered amongst our Riviera furniture set.


Pebble Pillar
(The Water Garden, Christchurch)

We'll finish, as we did last time, with a water feature. As their name suggests, The Water Garden are all about water-based beauty, and this pebbly pillar is the perfect example. We particularly love the copper insert towards the top!

For a relaxing afternoon in the garden, we’d love to watch the water cascade down the Pebble Pillar while we lounge in our Aura Wing Chairs.


Perfect Pairings

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These outdoor accessories would look great with our rattan furniture!

If you're putting together a truly beautiful garden, you need more than just furniture. Our rattan products are a good start, of course, and an outdoor dining set or a couple of sun loungers can go a very long way indeed.

But that isn't the be-all and end-all. In fact, a handful of shrewdly-chosen garden accessories can make your rattan furniture set look even more beautiful! Here are three great products for your garden, each paired with an iola furniture design for maximum impact:


 Leaf-Shaped Planters
(California Gardens, Miramar)

These incredible-looking designs are more than mere flower pots! They're contemporary, yet natural-looking, and we think they'd look great with our Folio chairs (also leaf-shaped!)


Sculptural Firebowl
(John T. Unger, New York)

 That stunning firebowl was made by an NY-based artist called John Unger. We think it looks great by the pool (see image), and so it would be the perfect companion for our Seville Lounger!


Waterfall Water Feature
(Stone & Water World, Auckland)

Ever wanted a miniature waterfall in your own back garden? You can have one, and we love the idea of watching the water babble away whilst swinging gently in a hanging egg chair.

Outdoor Furniture Inspiration

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If we were asked to describe Iola's furniture in 3 words, we would struggle; luckily for us, a picture says more than a thousand words, and so here are some pictures of 3 of our most prized products to give you a flavour of what we're all about.

Hanging Egg Chair

Available with or without the stand, this Hanging Egg Chair is a stunning little pod that you can feel free to retreat to at any time.


Sail Bed Lounger

The unique design and shape of our Sail Bed Lounger is based on the Sydney Opera House, and so would make quite the landmark in your garden!


Lily Armchair

The Lily Armchairs represent all Iola are about: cutting edge design, expert craftsmanship, and a guarantee of certified luxury.

5 Beautiful Sun Loungers for your Garden

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Here at Iola we are advocates of making the most of your outdoor space. We supply hand made luxury furniture for you to transform your homes and truly enjoy what you have worked hard for. When the sun is shining there is nothing more rewarding than coming home from work and relaxing in your garden with a glass of wine, or spending the afternoon in the sun with a book! We think the best way to do that is by relaxing on some of our most popular rattan furniture products: our range of gorgeous sun loungers. 

We have 5 beautiful rattan sun loungers available, all of which are hand made. Choose one of our 5 beautiful sun loungers to really make the most of your outdoor space! 

1. Sail Bed Rattan Lounger 

sail bed lounger

2. Seville Rattan Lounger

sun lounger

3. Lavanda Rattan Lounger 

rattan sun lounger

4. Ambrato Rattan Lounger

adjustable sun lounger

5. Lavita Rattan Lounger 

rattan sunbed


Each of our rattan sun loungers is customisable to your taste with fabrics and colours. To order one of our sun loungers and live a life of relaxation and luxury, contact us now for a quote. 

Iola's Promise of True Luxury Furniture

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Iola's range of stunning hand-made rattan furniture is truly what you would class as luxury. We are proud to state the fact we produce only luxury furniture with the knowledge that we are true to our word, providing only the highest quality furniture to our customers. 

sail bed

Unfortunately, in the outdoor furniture market there are many companies who claim to offer luxury products to their consumers, when in actual fact the quality of their products is anything but luxurious. However, spotting these poor quality furniture companies is easy when you know what to look for! Here are our top 3 tips for spotting low-quality furniture companies:

1. Avoid any complicated and exclusion-heavy warranties. The vendor should be confident in the quality and longevity of their products and therefore a straightforward, comprehensive warranty should always be on offer from true luxury furniture companies. 

2. Avoid evasive companies - if they can't or won't tell you about the true quality and origin of each of their materials then walk away. Don't be afraid to ask questions, as a luxury furniture customer you are entitled to know the details of the furniture you're looking to purchase. 

3. Avoid suspiciously low prices. We all love a bargain, but when you consider that each one of our prices is hand-made by our expert team members it is understandable that iola NZ's luxury furniture must come at a price. Exceptional quality furniture will never come from bottom prices.

rattan chair

When we tell our customers that our products are luxury - we really are being honest. If you browse our website you'll see in-depth details about all the individual products we use to hand make our luxury outdoor furniture. If you want to transform your outdoor space with luxury furniture then why not order our catalogue to see why we are the leading supplier of rattan furniture in New Zealand. 

Spotlight: Hanging Egg Chair

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For this week's product spotlight we are talking about the wonderfully unique hanging egg chair! This stunning chair not only provides a heavenly hub of a retreat, but its uber-cool design also makes for an eye-catching piece in itself.



Hanging Egg Chair Dimensions:

Width: 82cm

Height: 115cm

Depth: 70cm


Rattan Options & Cushion Fabrics

Rattan colours and cushion patterns

The first thing that will grab you about our hanging egg chair is its unique appearance. This stylish piece of furniture resembles a hollowed-out egg and will make for a conversation piece to all who admire it. Once you are done ogling your beautiful rattan egg chair you'll be able to enjoy the next best thing about it - the comfort! The shape of this chair lends itself perfectly to luxurious lounging, and the egg-shape acts as a blissful cocoon away from stresses and strains of reality.


Other Key Information:

  • Designed for outdoor use
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Handcrafted by specialist weavers
  • Includes chain for hanging
  • Cushions and seat made using durable marine-grade foam
  • Made using weather-resistant German rattan
  • Comes in a variety of different colours

If you are looking for a quirky, contemporary piece of furniture that will carry on looking pristine for years to come, our hanging egg chair is up there with the best of them.

Our Rattan Colours

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Indoors or out, colour is a crucial consideration. All of iola’s rattan furniture creations – from our loungers to our egg chairs – are available in the same six colours, and selecting the right colour can make all the difference in your outdoor space.

Rattan colour swatches

 Top row (from left): White Wash, Stone, Platinum
Bottom row (from left): Bronze, Slate, Carbon Black

Of course, our products look beautiful in any colour, but they’re even better when they match their surroundings! The best colour for you will depend on the look that you’re aiming to achieve; here’s some inspiration from the iola catalogue:

rattan sun lounger

This is our Lavanda Lounger, pictured here in splendid White Wash rattan. If you’re looking to create a breezy, summery atmosphere in your outdoor space, White Wash is an excellent choice, effortlessly walking the line between traditional beauty and contemporary chic.

dining outdoors

This Nova Dining Set looks absolutely magnificent! Bronze rattan (seen in the photo above) is an extremely elegant option, able to add a little elegance to any outdoor area. If you want your outdoor furniture to look just as good as your indoor furniture, this could be the colour for you.

wing chair

As you can see, these Aura Wing Chairs use two different rattan colours: White Wash and Carbon Black. Using two different colours in your furniture set will give extremely eye-catching results – we love the modern-looking light/dark combo in this photograph!

Furniture from iola can be configured into all kinds of different styles. For more information, download a catalogue or contact us today.

Spotlight: Veneto Dining Set

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This week's Product Spotlight focuses on the beautiful Veneto Dining Set, a smooth and stylish dining set that will add a truly sophisticated element to your outdoor space. Continue reading to find out more... 

contemporary dining sets

Veneto Dining Set - The Essential Info:

Veneto Dining Table:

  • Height: 750mm
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Depth: 2400mm
  • Hand-woven German rattan fibre 
  • 5 year warranty as standard

Veneto Chair:

  • Height: 940mm
  • Width: 560mm
  • Depth: 620mm
  • Hand-woven German rattan fibre 
  • 5 year warranty as standard

Suni Table: 

  • Height: 750mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Depth: 1200mm
  • Hand-woven German rattan fibre 
  • 5 year warranty as standard

Our Veneto Dining Set is extremely customisable, and you can choose from one of the following beautiful rattan colours to base your furniture design on:

From left to right: White Wash, Stone, Platinum, Bronze, Slate, Carbon Black.

About the Veneto Dining Set:

This stunning and stylish dining set has the power to transform every outdoor space with its sleek curved rattan design. The table is a gorgeous centrepiece with glass in the middle, and our beautiful matching Veneto Rattan Chairs feature a gorgeous wave design to support your back and provide you with the ultimate comfort as you enjoy the calm of your beautiful garden. You can choose from a stunning array of rattan colours featured above, and we offer a wide range of cushion fabrics for you to choose from too! 

Available cushion styles

Top row (from left): Natural, Canvas, Taupe, Tuscan, Coal, Antique Beige
Bottom row (from left): Vice Versa, Palm, Pewter, Peacock, Shinto, Mediterranean

Our Veneto Dining Set is perfect for outdoor use and will remain sturdy and impressive whilst standing the test of time due to the weather-resistant rattan fibre and Sunbrella fabrics. All of our rattan furniture pieces are carefully hand-made, so you can rest assured that you are receiving a personal and quality item to finish your outdoor space. 

Pictured below is our beautiful Veneto Dining Chair: 

contemporary dining set

Our Suni Dining Table weaves its way into many of our dining sets, but we think that the beautiful curve of this round table is a perfect juxtaposition to the straight and smooth lines of our Veneto Dining Table. Pictured below is the Suni Dining Table.

outdoor dining tables

To order any of our Veneto Dining Products, simply contact iola for more details. 

Using iola Furniture in Your Garden

Posted by adam

Wingback chairs

A few beautiful items don’t necessarily add up to create a beautiful garden. Our outdoor furniture – any outdoor furniture, really – is at its best when properly incorporated into a well-planned garden design; that rattan sofa will look lovely no matter where you put it, but it will look even better if you’ve put some thought into the space around it!

With that in mind, here are some great ways to use iola furniture in your outdoor space:

outdoor dining chairs

Dining Sets

If you’re thinking of adding a dining table to your back garden, be sure to put it right in the middle. Make it the centre of your outdoor space, instead of placing it to one side or tucking it away in a corner; this will ensure that everyone around the table has plenty of room to breathe, and to move around.

To make your dining set look extra-special, we suggest placing a couple of potted plants around the table, as in this image:

rattan dining chair

We can even provide rattan tables on which to display those plants. This will help to make everything feel consistent.

rattan sun lounger


Sun loungers are designed for the poolside. If you’re lucky enough to have your own swimming pool, adding a couple of loungers should be a no-brainer – place them alongside the edge, or have them facing the pool so that you can enjoy the sight of the sun on the water.

rattan sunbed

Of course, you don’t need a pool to benefit from a lounger – they’re perfect for sunbathing and for general outdoor relaxation. They look great in pairs, and this allows you to lounge in the garden with the one you love (what better way to spend an evening?) When you’re trying to work out which way those sun beds should face, simply look at your garden and decide which direction will afford the best view. Luxurious lounging should be accompanied by stunning scenery!

rattan seats


Adding a three-piece suite to your garden is a quick and easy way to turn an unwelcoming outdoor space into a stunning open-air living room. As with our dining furniture, sofas and chairs look better when they’re slap-bang in the middle of the garden, perhaps arranged around a central coffee table.

rattan chair

Mind you, our Canella chairs (above) are something of an exception. They look great when they’re scattered around the place, and this approach is great if you’re planning to have a big garden party – it’s better to let people move around and mingle than to force them all around a central point.

We hope to have given you some inspiration – no matter what you do with your rattan furniture, we’re sure that it will look fantastic! Click here to download a copy of the complete iola NZ catalogue.