5 Gorgeous Swimming Pool Designs

Posted by adam

Our range of spectacular outdoor furniture is best accompanied by a truly outstanding outdoor space design, with our luxury pieces truly accentuating your garden. Our range of furniture is very popular with high-end hotels and commercial establishments, as well as in the home, and many of these places have splendid swimming pool designs. A swimming pool can truly finish off a gorgeous outdoor space, and we've used Pinterest to scout out 5 stunning swimming pool designs and chosen some of our gorgeous sun loungers to match these designs. 

1. Sleek and Stylish Pool Design 

We'd put our beautiful Seville Sun Lounger in this stunning modern outdoor space. 

sun lounger


2. Cosy and Contemporary 

We think our gorgeous Lavita Lounger would fit just perfectly here.

rattan sunbed


3. Bold and Modern

In this simple design we think our Lavanda Rattan Sun Lounger would finish it with style. 

rattan sun lounger


4. Romantic and Glamorous

In this beautiful romantic design we'd add our Sail Bed Lounger to switch it up! 

sail bed lounger


5. Grand and Elaborate 

Our reclining Ambrato Adjustable Lounger would be the ultimate way to enjoy this elaborate outdoor design. 

adjustable sun lounger

5 Luxurious Loungers

Posted by adam

What do you think of when you think of outdoor furniture? We imagine loungers come pretty high on your list, and we've always found them particularly special as they have no indoor equivalents - making them undeniably unique and unapologetically outdoorsy.

To celebrate the wondrous piece of furniture that is the lounger, we've compiled a list of some lavish and luxurious loungers - perfect for long luscious lazing (is that enough 'L's' for you?).

Without further ado, here is our offering of high-quality rattan sun loungers:

1. Sail Bed Lounger 

2. Seville Rattan Lounger 

3. Lavanda Rattan Lounger 

4. Ambrato Rattan Lounger

5. Lavita Rattan Lounger

5 Spectacular Outdoor Sofas

Posted by adam

Your sofa is the cornerstone of your living room. It's where you sit with your family to enjoy some good quality time - to watch TV together, to pop a movie on, or simply to sit and chat about the days you've had. Needless to say, the sofa needs to be comfortable, but since it takes up such a large portion of your living room's real estate, it also needs to look good. A nasty-looking sofa can ruin even the most stylish interior!

All of this applies when you move the sofa outside, too. Granted, an outdoor sofa is used for slightly different purposes (you'll be enjoying the sunset or keeping an eye on the barbecue, as opposed to watching a DVD), but it still has to be comfy and good-looking.

With that in mind, here are five of iola's very best outdoor sofas. Click on each image for more information about that product.

outdoor sofas

Fiordaliso Sofa

 modular outdoor seating

Modular Sofa

outdoor furniture

Lavita Seats

Riviera Rattan Seating

outdoor furniture design

Siena Outdoor Sofas

Visit our Seating section for more stunning sofas!