Come Dine with Iola

Posted by adam

You are cordially invited to join Iola furniture for dinner, along with a whirlwind tour of their stunning, bespoke rattan dining sets!

If you are looking to grace your outdoor area with a sumptuous dining set, here are 5 of our best:

Suni Dining Set

Blending style and comfort, our Suni set uses large seats and soft fibre for some seriously laid-back lounging.


Nova Bench Dining Set

This contemporary bench dining set is perfect for minimalist tastes, and for those who appreciate true style with added substance.


Nova Dining Set

Simple, elegant, and classy, the Nova dining set still boasts comfort, only in the stylish guise of our ravishing rattan!


Folio Dining Set

The folio is one our favourite pieces - we love the leaf-like design of the backs and chairs, and how the striking silhouette enhances any space.


Azzuro Dining Set

This bar-like Azzuro set is perfect for gracing any patio, and enjoying cocktails and canapes in certain luxury!

The Top 5 Luxury Hotels in the World

Posted by adam

Though not accessible to all, everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their lives. To celebrate this, we've taken a look at 5 of the most luxurious hotels across the world, to give you a glimpse of the most stunning accommodation money can buy. 

We're all about luxury outdoor furniture here at Iola, and we just know our ravishing rattan would work wonders in these heavenly hotels. Our rattan furniture already graces some of the finest hotels and resorts across the world, and here's a taster of the kind of luxury we like to deliver...

  1. Palacio Nazarenas - Peru
  2. Wildflower Hall - Himalayas
  3. Las Ventanas Al Paraisio - Mexico
  4. Olare Mara Kempinski - Kenya 
  5. Jumby Bay - Bahamas

If you run a hotel or resort and you want your outdoor furniture to make a lasting statement, we can most definitely help! For the finest outdoor furniture for hotels think Iola. 


5 Heavenly Hideaways!

Posted by adam

For this week's blog, we want to show you some heavenly hideaways in the form of some luxurious seating! Sometimes there is nothing better than just sitting on a good bench, chair, or lounger and relaxing while soaking up your surroundings. We're firm believers that the better the seat, the better the haven; and the following 5 are some of our favourites:

This simple, comfortable seating arrangement is purposely neutral - the seating is understated to allow the epic view to take centre-stage. Having said that, it still looks mightily inviting and suitably elegant too.

The Hanging Egg Chair is definitely a more alternative place to sit, but that's good! We love the simple yet striking design, and how you can comfortably swing yourself into serenity.


Another great way to create a heavenly hideaway is with the addition of a fire pit! We love fire pits because they make gardens more accessible for more of the year, and they make for stunning conversation points as well.

This Sail Bed Lounger is unique in its design and concept - made to resemble the famous Sydney Opera House, this outdoor bed can be used as a super-comfy place to soak up some sun, or as a shady little retreat from the heat.


Our final hideaway has been created using nothing more than an old pallet and some chains! With the addition of some home comforts this dreamy little retreat really is a perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space in luxury.

Dream Gardens, Dream Furniture

Posted by adam

It's all very well us showing you beautiful pictures of our furniture, but for you to really envision its presence you need to see the kind of gardens that would house it perfectly. For an even more alternative view, we've found some stunning garden designs at night-time - because our furniture can be enjoyed just as much when the sun goes down!

Here are some beautiful gardens at night, and the furniture we'd pick to make them even more luxurious:

We love this modern and sleek garden design, and especially how the addition of that fire turns it into a haven come nightfall. Though we see what they've tried to do with these black tables and chairs, we think our Nova Bench dining set would look far less clunky and obtrusive, as well as complement the cutting-edge design much more!

This next design again shows a stunning garden design that looks equally inviting at night! We love the mood lighting and oasis-esque design of the space, but what we think this space could benefit from is some of our long, luxurious Siena seating sofas - not only would their elegant and lenghty structure make for a perfect viewing point, but their superior quality would feel right at home in such a desirable environment.

Our final night-time nirvana again utilises under-water lighting and the clever use of plants! This design incorporates a deck that overlooks the beautiful water, but the loungers shown are just not worthy of their surroundings! We'd instead use our Ambrato sun loungers in Carbon Black - the contemporary design of these loungers is a much better fit to this stylish space, and the cool carbon colour looks striking day or night time.

Breathtaking Hotel Designs

Posted by adam

Our exquisite range of luxury hand-crafted rattan furniture is featured in some of the best hotels, resorts and corporate business establishments all around the world. As such, we like to keep on top of interior design trends within the hotel sector. We are always looking for inspiration for our unique designs - many of you will know that our stunning Sail Bed Lounger is even modelled on the Sydney Opera House, and thus it is important to stay in the loop with hotel design to ensure our rattan furniture remains current, stylish and able to fit in to any high-class hotel establishment. 

For this week's blog post we thought we'd show you some of our favourite hotel designs. Hotels which are truly breathtaking not only for location, but for the attention to detail and design of their fabulous outdoor spaces. The hotels we've chosen has truly incredible outdoor spaces, and we believe some of our pieces would be right at home in these joints! We've paired some of our furniture to these gorgeous hotels, let us know if you agree with our choices or if you think another one of our range would perhaps be better suited. 

1. Club Med Kani - Maldives 

This stunning paradise location is breathtaking in itself, but the hotel being physically located in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives is really something special. Each room is on 'stilts' and you wake up to the ocean every morning - which is pretty spectacular, we think you'll agree. We love the lounging and relaxation areas pictured above, but can't help but think our beautiful Ambrato Sun Loungers (in white, to match the decor of course) would be perfect for reclining in the sun and soaking up that gorgeous view. Don't you?

adjustable sun lounger

2. Grace Santorini Hotel - Greece 

This beautiful Greek hotel utilises a beautiful minimalistic design and really lets that incredible view do the talking, doesn't it? We love the minimal use of furniture to just maximise on the incredible landscape presented there for us, but we think that a glass of wine from our gorgeous Azzuro Dining Set would heighten the experience of true paradise. 

outdoor bar set

3. Viceroy Hotel - Bali 

This beautiful hotel is truly exquisite in location high up in the trees boasting the most incredible exotic location. The impressive luxury design of this hotel is the best way to accentuate this incredible location - and we'd love to add to it! How perfect would it be to curl up in our Sail Bed Rattan Lounger and take in nature at its very finest?

sail bed lounger