5 Beautiful Sun Loungers for your Garden

Posted by adam

Here at Iola we are advocates of making the most of your outdoor space. We supply hand made luxury furniture for you to transform your homes and truly enjoy what you have worked hard for. When the sun is shining there is nothing more rewarding than coming home from work and relaxing in your garden with a glass of wine, or spending the afternoon in the sun with a book! We think the best way to do that is by relaxing on some of our most popular rattan furniture products: our range of gorgeous sun loungers. 

We have 5 beautiful rattan sun loungers available, all of which are hand made. Choose one of our 5 beautiful sun loungers to really make the most of your outdoor space! 

1. Sail Bed Rattan Lounger 

sail bed lounger

2. Seville Rattan Lounger

sun lounger

3. Lavanda Rattan Lounger 

rattan sun lounger

4. Ambrato Rattan Lounger

adjustable sun lounger

5. Lavita Rattan Lounger 

rattan sunbed


Each of our rattan sun loungers is customisable to your taste with fabrics and colours. To order one of our sun loungers and live a life of relaxation and luxury, contact us now for a quote. 

Iola's Promise of True Luxury Furniture

Posted by adam

Iola's range of stunning hand-made rattan furniture is truly what you would class as luxury. We are proud to state the fact we produce only luxury furniture with the knowledge that we are true to our word, providing only the highest quality furniture to our customers. 

sail bed

Unfortunately, in the outdoor furniture market there are many companies who claim to offer luxury products to their consumers, when in actual fact the quality of their products is anything but luxurious. However, spotting these poor quality furniture companies is easy when you know what to look for! Here are our top 3 tips for spotting low-quality furniture companies:

1. Avoid any complicated and exclusion-heavy warranties. The vendor should be confident in the quality and longevity of their products and therefore a straightforward, comprehensive warranty should always be on offer from true luxury furniture companies. 

2. Avoid evasive companies - if they can't or won't tell you about the true quality and origin of each of their materials then walk away. Don't be afraid to ask questions, as a luxury furniture customer you are entitled to know the details of the furniture you're looking to purchase. 

3. Avoid suspiciously low prices. We all love a bargain, but when you consider that each one of our prices is hand-made by our expert team members it is understandable that iola NZ's luxury furniture must come at a price. Exceptional quality furniture will never come from bottom prices.

rattan chair

When we tell our customers that our products are luxury - we really are being honest. If you browse our website you'll see in-depth details about all the individual products we use to hand make our luxury outdoor furniture. If you want to transform your outdoor space with luxury furniture then why not order our catalogue to see why we are the leading supplier of rattan furniture in New Zealand.