Using iola Furniture in Your Garden

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Wingback chairs

A few beautiful items don’t necessarily add up to create a beautiful garden. Our outdoor furniture – any outdoor furniture, really – is at its best when properly incorporated into a well-planned garden design; that rattan sofa will look lovely no matter where you put it, but it will look even better if you’ve put some thought into the space around it!

With that in mind, here are some great ways to use iola furniture in your outdoor space:

outdoor dining chairs

Dining Sets

If you’re thinking of adding a dining table to your back garden, be sure to put it right in the middle. Make it the centre of your outdoor space, instead of placing it to one side or tucking it away in a corner; this will ensure that everyone around the table has plenty of room to breathe, and to move around.

To make your dining set look extra-special, we suggest placing a couple of potted plants around the table, as in this image:

rattan dining chair

We can even provide rattan tables on which to display those plants. This will help to make everything feel consistent.

rattan sun lounger


Sun loungers are designed for the poolside. If you’re lucky enough to have your own swimming pool, adding a couple of loungers should be a no-brainer – place them alongside the edge, or have them facing the pool so that you can enjoy the sight of the sun on the water.

rattan sunbed

Of course, you don’t need a pool to benefit from a lounger – they’re perfect for sunbathing and for general outdoor relaxation. They look great in pairs, and this allows you to lounge in the garden with the one you love (what better way to spend an evening?) When you’re trying to work out which way those sun beds should face, simply look at your garden and decide which direction will afford the best view. Luxurious lounging should be accompanied by stunning scenery!

rattan seats


Adding a three-piece suite to your garden is a quick and easy way to turn an unwelcoming outdoor space into a stunning open-air living room. As with our dining furniture, sofas and chairs look better when they’re slap-bang in the middle of the garden, perhaps arranged around a central coffee table.

rattan chair

Mind you, our Canella chairs (above) are something of an exception. They look great when they’re scattered around the place, and this approach is great if you’re planning to have a big garden party – it’s better to let people move around and mingle than to force them all around a central point.

We hope to have given you some inspiration – no matter what you do with your rattan furniture, we’re sure that it will look fantastic! Click here to download a copy of the complete iola NZ catalogue.

Iola Furniture for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

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We at iola have a fantastic track record with the hospitality industry. Of course, our rattan furniture looks amazing no matter where it’s placed, but we’re particularly proud of the work we’ve done for hotels and restaurants – our products have been used in some of the world’s most luxurious resorts, and the feedback we’ve received has never been anything short of stellar!

As you’d probably guess, our sun loungers are extremely popular where hotels and holiday resorts are concerned. No swimming pool should be without a row of sun beds along the side, and iola’s luxury loungers are the perfect choice for hotel pools of all sizes. Our dining sets have also been used in dozens of hotel restaurants.


And that brings us rather neatly to our other speciality: outdoor furniture for bars, restaurants, and other such establishments. Every restaurant ought to have an outdoor section (for those glorious summer evenings on which it would be a crime to stay inside), and as you’re already aware, nobody can beat iola when it comes to outdoor seating. Imagine watching the sun go down from your comfortable Cerino dining chair, or enjoying a summer cocktail while seating at the Azzuro bar set – paradise!


Click here for more information on our hotel furniture >
Click here for more information on our restaurant/bar furniture >

Hospitality Furniture

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iola hospitality has launched a new range of barstools, dining and lounge furniture specifically designed for the hotel, restaurant and hospitality markets. Manufactured in Europe, we offer complete customisation. Contact us today to find out more. iola is the leading supply of commercial furniture to the hospitality sector. We supply more 5 star hotels and resorts than anyone else. We are currently building a new site which will feature the most extensive range of furniture in NZ.

Spotlight: Canella Rattan Chair

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This week’s Product Spotlight focuses on our Canella Chair, a stunning rattan seat that offers a modern look and unbeatable comfort. Read on to find out more...

canella rattan chairs

Canella Rattan Chair - The Essential Info:

  • Height: 810mm
  • Width: 730mm
  • Depth: 730mm
  • Price: $999 per chair
  • Looks great alongside the Fiordaliso side table ($500)
  • Available in a variety of colours and styles (see below)
  • Mix and match rattan colours and cushion designs for a unique look
  • Made using high-quality German rattan
  • Commercial grade frame
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty as standard

Available rattan colours:

Available rattan colours

From left: White Wash, Stone, Platinum, Bronze, Slate, Carbon Black

Available cushion designs: 

Available cushion styles

Top row (from left): Natural, Canvas, Taupe, Tuscan, Coal, Antique Beige
Bottom row (from left): Vice Versa, Palm, Pewter, Peacock, Shinto, Mediterranean

About the Canella:

The canella is a tree found in the Caribbean. Its bark is used as a spice – not unlike cinnamon – and we think that it’s the perfect name for our sweet, striking rattan chair design. It’s an occasional chair, which means that it’s ideal for special occasions when you need a few extra seats for your guests.

Let’s talk about the design. The Canella chair boasts a circular, rounded design that’s quite rare in the rattan business – it’s not easy to weave such a smooth curve, but if anyone’s up to the task, it’s our team of master craftsmen from Cebu!

rattan chairs

While the Canella chair looks fabulous on its own, we think that these items look even better in groups. You could use an array of different styles (see the swatches above) to turn your patio into a multicoloured cornucopia of cool, contemporary Canella chairs – ideal for hotels and private residences alike!

occasional chair

If you’d like a Canella chair of your very own, get in touch! You can also opt to download our catalogue, which has more information about this and all of our other products. We look forward to hearing from you!

Spectacular Sun Loungers and Where to Use Them

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Sun loungers

If you’re looking for stylish design and luxurious comfort, very few outdoor furniture products can compete with iola’s stunning sun loungers. We offer five different designs, and each one is a contemporary masterpiece. Click the links below to find out more about each of our loungers:

  • Ambrato Adjustable Lounger
    A sleek rattan design with an infinitely adjustable backrest.

  • Sail Bed Lounger
    Our crowning glory - more of a day bed than a lounger, and ideal for outdoor relaxation!

  • Seville Sun Lounger
    The seamless curved shape of the Seville is a real landmark in rattan furniture design.

  • Lavanda Lounger
    The Lavanda is an extremely pretty design with a more traditional look than our other loungers.

  • Lavita Luxury Lounger
    The very height of lounging comfort, perfect for all purposes.

So how best to use these beautiful loungers? Where should you put your sunbed once you've got it? Here are three ideas for getting the most from your sun lounger:

  • On the Patio/Decking
    If you have a deck or a paved area in your back garden, an iola lounger will make the perfect addition to this space. You could even set up a pair of loungers on the patio so as to relax outside with a friend.

  • By the Pool
    Our sunbeds are perfect for the poolside! They’ve been used as pool loungers by numerous luxury hotels, but if you have a pool on your own property, they’ll work just as well for your own purposes.

  • In the Conservatory
    Thanks to the weatherproof rattan that we use, all of our loungers are perfectly suited to outdoor use. Having said that, there’s no reason why you can’t use our products indoors – a conservatory that’s kitted out with a sun lounger will provide you with the perfect place to put your feet up without leaving the house.

Download our catalogue for more information about our collection of sun loungers.


Spotlight: Folio Rattan Dining Set

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In the Spotlight this week is a dining set with a difference, the gorgeous Folio Rattan Dining Set. Read on to learn more about this stunning outdoor dining set from iola.


Folio Rattan Dining Set - The Essential Info:

Suni Table

  • Height: 750mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Depth: 1200mm
  • Hand-woven German rattan fibre 
  • 5 year warranty as standard

Folio Chairs 

  • Height: 1200mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Depth: 700mm
  • 5 year warranty as standard


Available Colours:

From left to right: White Wash, Stone, Platinum, Bronze, Slate, Carbon Black.


About the Folio Rattan Dining Set: 

As you can see from the image above, our Folio dining set is aesthetically phenomenal, standing out from the crowd with a truly unique level of superior craftsmanship. All our rattan furniture products are hand-woven by our expert team of Rattan weavers, and the complex shape of the Folio chairs showcases just how talented they really are. These exquisite chairs are designed to look like leaves, the designers having taken inspiration from nature. This means the chairs incorporate a striking arched backrest which not only looks incredible, but provides support and comfort for your back as you enjoy your outdoor space. The smooth curve of the chair perfectly compliments the circular Suni table, and the combination of the two makes quite the attractive dining set indeed! 


This close up of the Folio chair shows the undeniable talent of our Rattan weaving team who hand-produce every item of our Rattan furniture range. 

Prices may vary depending on what it is you seek, so please contact us if you'd like a Folio Rattan Dining Set to transform your outdoor space.

If you're a customer enquiring from within Europe, then call 01483 277 266 to discuss purchasing iola furniture in your area.

Outdoor Furniture – What Options Do You Have?

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Outdoor furniture is a pretty broad term, and seeing as it is one we harp on about regularly, we thought we’d clarify exactly what comes under such a loose word.

There are plenty of ways to embellish ones outdoor living area, and what better way to create a more hospitable environment than with furniture? Here’s how you can do so…


Who doesn’t love a good lounger? You probably have a few lying around your house now… eating all of your food, spending all of your money, and just generally being children. But in all seriousness, loungers are the perfect garden lounging furniture – they’re somewhere between a comfy chair and a bed, and just perfect for catching those summer rays on.


We all know what sofas are, but whereas you probably first think of the piece of furniture that faces the TV, we are more concerned with luxurious outdoor seating! There are plenty of different sofas to choose from varying in size, style, and shades making them some of the most versatile outdoor furniture.

Dining Sets

The last offering of outdoor furniture we do are dining sets. We cherish our good weather and one of the best ways to do so is by dining alfresco, and for that you want a quality place to sit yourself and your plates. Again this is a very broad category that includes chairs, stools, large and small table settings – all of which are lovingly made from our superior German rattan.

Rattan Furniture Sale Now On!

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As fans of our exclusive rattan furniture, you’ll be pleased to learn we have an end of season sale now on!

This awesome sale includes the following:

How does our sale work? It’s simple! Email us what exactly it is you are looking for and then we’ll give you our best sale price. This is the first sale we have decided to have here at Iola NZ, and take it from us - high-end furniture at these low prices will not hang around long, so best get in early to ensure yourself a bargain.

If you want to own some seriously luxurious rattan furniture email: now and see what you could be saving!

Spotlight: Ambrato Adjustable Sun Lounger

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Each week, we at iola will be spotlighting one of our favourite rattan creations. We're starting with the Ambrato sun lounger, one of the most comfortable lounger designs on the market. Did you know that the adjustable backrest was suggested by one of our customers? Read on...

Ambrato lounger and side table

Ambrato Lounger - The Essential Info:

  • Height: 400mm
  • Width: 700mm
  • Depth: 2,000mm
  • Price: $1,750
  • Includes an infinitely adjustable backrest
  • Built on a commercial-grade alloy frame
  • Marine foam cushions for maximum comfort
  • 5 year warranty as standard
  • Price includes a matching side table
  • Side table dimensions: 450mm x 580mm x 350mm

Available colours:

Colours available for the Ambrato lounger

From left to right: White Wash, Stone, Platinum, Bronze, Slate, Carbon Black.

About the Ambrato:

'Ambrato' is the Italian word for 'amber', and this lovely lounger is every bit as precious as the gem that shares its name. No matter what colour you choose (see the selection above), the Ambrato lounger will look utterly lovely in your outdoor space - especially if you've got a swimming pool to lounge beside!

The Ambrato's unique selling point is its fully adjustable backrest. The angle of the backrest can be changed using a small handle on the side of the lounger:

Close-up of the Ambrato

This feature was actually suggested by an iola customer. The person in question wanted a single lounger that could be adjusted to any angle, allowing for a comfortable 'sitting up' position, relaxing reclined position, and everything in between.

The iola NZ design team leaped into action, and they came up with the Ambrato. Woven, as always, by our crack team of weavers from Cebru, the Ambrato lounger sets an extremely high standard for rattan sun beds - not only can the backrest be adjusted to suit your taste, the marine-reticulated foam cushioning promises many a comfortable afternoon in the sun.

Interested? Contact iola NZ today to get an Ambrato lounger of your very own. If you're a European customer, call 01483 277 266 to enquire about iola furniture in your area.

Outdoor Furniture and the Auckland Climate

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Auckland on a rainy day

When it comes to making good-quality furniture, location is obviously nowhere near as important as craftsmanship and high-calibre materials. Having said that, we do like to think that NZ companies have a bit of an edge – after all, outdoor furniture has to be able to cope with the elements, and the climate here in Auckland makes for one heck of a testing ground.

Allow us to expand on that. As Wikipedia will tell you, we get quite a range of weathers here in Auckland – the subtropical climate means that we’re a fairly warm city (one of the warmest in New Zealand), but we get our fair share of rain as well. Maybe even a little more than our fair share.

In short, Auckland is frequently subjected to both ends of the meteorological spectrum. And that’s great, because it means that we absolutely have to make sturdy, weather-resistant products if we want to stand a chance in the outdoor furniture market.

Of course, there is another upside. Auckland and New Zealand at large are famed for their spectacular scenery, and our love of getting outside to enjoy the view is a big part of why we started making outdoor furniture in the first place. We may operate internationally, but iola is an NZ company through and through – if you’re ever in Auckland, why not drop in and visit our showroom?