Luxury Furniture and How to Tell the Difference

We’ve conducted quite a bit of market research here at iola, and we’re well aware of what we’re up against. Many, many suppliers claim to offer ‘luxury furniture’, to the point where the term has become all but meaningless. Conveniently for the people who manufacture poor-quality furniture products, ‘luxury’ is a very vague term – you don’t have to meet any particular standards or undergo any specific checks before you can use the ‘luxury furniture’ label.

This is a big problem for companies like iola NZ (i.e. those who genuinely do produce luxury furniture products). With every cowboy and charlatan promising ‘luxury’, it’s become increasingly difficult to spot the wheat amongst the chaff; how does one spot the difference between cheaply-produced ‘luxury’ furniture and the real deal?

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Advice for Spotting Poor Quality Furniture

Fortunately for confused consumers, there are many telltale signs that will help you to spot low-quality products a mile off. Here’s a quick list of things to watch out for when you’re shopping for outdoor furniture:
  • Complicated, exclusion-heavy warranties - If the vendor is confident in the quality and durability of their products, they’ll offer a straightforward, comprehensive warranty. A guarantee that’s riddled with ifs, buts and small print usually indicates that you’re looking at an inferior piece of furniture.
  • Evasiveness - Be an inquisitive consumer and ask lots of questions – honest suppliers will be more than happy to tell you all about their top-notch materials. On the other hand, if the ‘luxury’ furniture isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, the seller will often refuse to get too specific about how the products were made.
  • Suspiciously low prices - It’s a sad but inevitable fact that true luxury must come at a price. Remember, cheapness isn’t the same as value for money; manufacturing our own products allows us to keep our prices reasonably low, but exceptional quality will never come at bargain basement prices. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!
When browsing the iola NZ website, you’ll find heaps of information about our products and the materials we use to make them. We feel that our use of the ‘luxury furniture’ label is wholly justified; it’s a shame that so many low-grade manufacturers have devalued the term for honest, high-calibre businesses like us!

If you really want luxury furniture for your outdoor space, iola NZ is the only sensible choice. Download our catalogue now to see why we’re New Zealand’s leading supplier!

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