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Fiordaliso Outdor Sofas

Our Fiordaliso range comprises several stunning outdoor furniture items, including a single-seater chair, larger outdoor sofas, a rattan side table, and a comfy Ottoman on which you can rest your feet after a long day at work. The outdoor sofas are particularly appealing, but the whole set really is spectacular, showcasing our precision weaving skill in full. The sturdy Rehau fibre is ideal for all-weather outdoor use, although many iola NZ customers have opted to use the Fiordaliso sofas indoors as well.
  • Made using Rehau rattan, Sunbrella fabrics and marine-reticulated foam
  • Frame: commercial grade
  • 5 year guarantee

2.5 seater: $2,500
Single seater: $1,500
Side table: $500
Ottoman: $800

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