Outdoor Furniture Information - FAQs

Whether you need rattan furniture for commercial or private purposes, the following information should form a helpful resource. This page should tell you everything you need to know about our high-quality garden furniture.

Is your rattan fibre UV-resistant?
Yes. Our rattan fibre is sourced from the recognized global leader (Rehau™, a German company). The fact is that nearly all the rattan fibre sold here in New Zealand is not suitable for the country’s high UV. There are 3 brands in NZ using German fibres; the rest use PVC, which is nothing more than recycled plastic bottles. Some Auckland suppliers sell garden furniture made from this inferior weaving material and charge the same price as we do. Always do your research!
What is rattan furniture?
Rattan, wicker, and cane are three different names for the same type of product. Rattan has always been a popular choice for the outdoor space – PE (polyethylene) rattan was created for this very purpose, since natural rattan is prone to rot when left outdoors.

Nowadays, rattan is so fashionable that many homeowners use these products indoors as well as out! We design our products with versatility in mind, so that our customers are free to use them as they please; our Riviera collection, for example, looks great inside the home, but the quick-dry foam and durable rattan fibre allow it to live outside for many years with no ill effect. Since the quality of rattan furniture is so variable, we always advise you to do a little research before purchasing. Not all rattan is created equal!
Can I leave my cushions outside?
Yes. You can leave iola cushions outdoors all year ‘round because we use marine reticulated foam. Only four garden furniture suppliers in the country use it, and only two use it as standard. We do not use anything else.
Will the fabrics fade?
No, iola uses fabrics from Sunbrella™, Mokum, Unique™, Warwick™ and James Dunlop™, all of which are extremely high quality. Sunbrella (made in the USA) has been the leader in marine performance fabrics for 50 years!
Why use stainless steel feet?
We use stainless steel because it looks a lot nicer and – more importantly – because it is more corrosion-resistant. Take our Modular range; most comparable rattan sofas come with alloy feet (alloy being a cheap, lightweight material), but since allay corrodes so easily, our Modular seating products use stainless steel.

Most suppliers who do use stainless steel use 304 standard grade stainless; we are one of only two rattan furniture suppliers in the whole world who use 316 marine grade stainless.
Do products come with a warranty?
Our warranty lasts for 5 years and is completely comprehensive. Check the warranty your vendor is offering – they won’t be able to match ours! It even covers cushions!
How do I know I am getting a good product?
There are hundreds of garden furniture suppliers in the marketplace, and all of them claim to be selling ‘quality’ goods. Clearly they can’t all be telling the truth, but how do you know who to trust?

We’re aware that you probably have a budget in mind for your rattan furniture, but there are only two options in the rattan market: extremely high quality, and extremely poor quality. There really is no middle ground! We have always made sure that our materials fall on the right side of this divide; we believe that Rehau fibre, Sunbrella fabric, marine-reticulated foam, 316 stainless steel, and commercial grade frames are the best possible materials for what we do.

Beware of low-quality vendors – they’ll say anything for a sale! Here are a few things to bear in mind when you buy rattan furniture...
  • Waterproof cushions do not exist. Instead, we use reticulated foam, allowing water to pass through the cushion without causing any damage.
  • A rattan furniture supplier should never hesitate to provide a great level of detail about the materials they use. If they do, those materials are unlikely to be of a high quality.
  • The starting price for a top quality eight-seater rattan dining set is roughly $6,000. If anyone offers you a lower price, you know that they’re selling inferior goods.
  • If the warranty comes with pages and pages of exclusions, you can be fairly certain that the product won’t last long. A simple, comprehensive warranty shows that the supplier is confident in the garden furniture they sell.
  • Inferior products use a 1.2mm alloy gauge, as this is the bare minimum. If you want quality, look for a 1.6mm gauge.
  • Knock-down tables with detachable legs have zero structural integrity. Such products are designed for the cheapest possible transportation. Our one-piece dining tables may cost a little more, but they’re well worth that extra expense.
  • Non-German fibres are mainly made of PVC (recycled plastic) and will not last.
  • Rattan furniture should be made by skilled craftsmen. Weavers from Cebu (like the kind we employ here at iola) are the best in the world!
Let’s get back to the question. How can you assess the quality of a rattan furniture product? Simply examine the product’s key attributes – the frame, the foam, the fabric, the fittings, the price, and of course, the rattan itself.

As a specialist rattan furniture supplier, we aim to be completely transparent in how our product is made and the materials we use. We know that they are of the highest possible quality, and we are happy to tell you all about them. Don’t settle for sub-par garden furniture; a poor product in this sector will fail within 18 months, especially in NZ’s extreme UV.
Why buy from iola?
What do you want from your outdoor furniture? It has to durable and practical above all else. You need quality, but you don’t want to pay any more than you must. And, of course, you want it to look good!

Iola NZ meets all of these criteria. Every single product we make is suitable for all weather, we aim for a middling price point, and our unique designs are among the most striking on the market!

Furthermore, we have the credentials to back up these claims. We supply rattan furniture to such five-star hotels as Melia, Four Seasons, Hilton and Sofitel – no other NZ company can say that!

It would be easy to create a high-quality product that costs a fortune, but Iola’s continued success is down to a combination of superior quality and reasonable pricing. Since we design and manufacture all of our own products, our production process is far less costly than some of our competitors, which allows us to keep our prices low!

We are very proud of our product, yet we try to remain objective. We encourage all of our customers to thoroughly research their purchase. Once you are ready to buy rattan furniture that really delivers what it promises, get in touch with iola ASAP!
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