About iola – NZ’s Leading Rattan Furniture Supplier

Iola NZ specialise in the manufacture and supply of rattan furniture. All iola products are made by hand in our own facilities; we employ a team of master weavers from the island of Cebu in the Philippines, and their expert eye for craftsmanship and quality is key to our business. Iola’s owners built the company from the ground up, and from the very beginning, we have aimed to create contemporary outdoor furniture that we ourselves would be keen to purchase.

Our furniture has been used in five-star hotels, paradisiacal resorts, and sprawling gardens. The iola brand is held in very high esteem, and this is down to the fact that we have never built our furniture to a budget. Instead, we use only the finest materials and employ the most highly-skilled craftspeople. However, the company would not be where it is today if our prices weren’t extremely competitive; to purchase products of a similar quality from another rattan furniture supplier, you would have to pay almost twice as much.

We at iola have a particular passion for unique furniture designs – we love to push the boundaries! Our Sail Bed lounger is a fantastic example; its striking design is based on the shape of the Sydney Opera House, and even for our experienced weaving team, the piece is extremely challenging to manufacture. One Sail Bed takes an astounding twenty-seven days to build!

Our top quality materials are sourced from international, market-leading specialists. Our rattan is provided by Rehau™, a German company that leads the market in durable rattan fibre. Our furniture frames are made from commercial-grade alloy, and we are the only rattan furniture supplier to use reticulated marine foam in our products. We also source materials from Sunbrella (an American company specialising in attractive, long-lasting fabrics) and our own exclusive Italian Mill; these world-class materials combine to create spectacular outdoor furniture that can’t be beaten on quality or value.

For private and commercial purposes alike, iola has been the top rattan furniture supplier in the Australia/New Zealand market for several years now. Both countries are subject to extreme temperatures and heavy rainfall, which presents a real challenge for any outdoor furniture manufacturer; rattan products really have to shine in terms of longevity and durability if they are to be any use at all. Inferior rattan fibre simply cannot cope with the Australasian climate, but we use tough, UV-resistant German fibre that is extremely well-suited to the heat.

We put a lot of thought into our products, but all of that effort is for naught if the end product comes with an insurmountably large price tag attached. Our goal is to produce contemporary outdoor furniture that is superior to every alternative, all while sticking to a reasonable price point. We don’t pretend that our products are cheap, but bear in mind that there are many other brands charging similar prices for far inferior products. There are also several companies who offer substantially less quality than we do for a markedly higher price.

We hope you enjoy our collection of stunning photographs, which depict our contemporary outdoor furniture creations in all their glory. Offering both quality and value for money, iola is New Zealand’s leading furniture supplier – you’ll never be disappointed with what we have to offer!

If you require any further information about our range of contemporary outdoor furniture, please do not hesitate to contact the friendly team here at iola. You can call us on (09) 940 0250, email info@iola.co.nz , or visit our showroom for a closer look at our products.

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Our People

Adam Kay
Managing Director
Kirsty Hunter
Managing Director
Kathryn Wills
Business Development
Ruel Atis
Head of Weaving
Timoteo Catipay
Head of Quality Control

A Message from iola Founder Adam Kay

Before I started this business, I often found that outdoor furniture suppliers were reluctant to share any information that would allow their customers to assess a product’s quality. Some vendors charged ludicrous prices for items that were, in fact, very poorly-made.

From the start, I wanted iola to be different. We only provide quality rattan furniture, and our prices are extremely fair given the quality of the products. Unlike other suppliers, we are only too happy to discuss the materials we use, and that’s because we know that they are the very best available. And that’s not just false confidence – we’ve done our research, and we are certain that our products are the best available!

We have led our market for many years now, and that is because our customers know that nobody else can match our products or the service we provide.

Adam Kay

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