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Outdoor Luxury Furniture

Whether it’s for a hotel or your own back garden, outdoor furniture needs to be comfortable, attractive and durable. Outdoor luxury furniture from iola NZ ticks all three of these boxes; our products look and feel fantastic, with a robust rattan weave that’s designed to cope with all kinds of weather!

New Zealand’s Leading Outdoor Furniture Specialists

Here at iola, we are passionate about quality craftsmanship and outstanding design. Our handmade rattan furniture is made with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that each and every one of our customers receives a unique piece of furniture that will stay beautiful for years to come.

We specialise in luxury outdoor furniture, which means that we place a heavy emphasis on quality, durability, and beauty. Everything we sell is of the highest possible standard; our rattan furniture is made by expert craftsmen, and we would never give our customers any product that didn’t live up to our lofty benchmark. We want strive to produce the best outdoor furniture NZ has to offer!

Of course, any retailer would want you to believe that their wares are of a particularly high quality, and we’ve seen dozens of websites that claim to sell outdoor luxury furniture when, in reality, the sellers don’t have the products to justify these claims.

Purchase rattan outdoor furniture from iola, on the other hand, and quality and value for money are assured. We have scoured the globe for the best possible materials, and this allows us to create premium furniture products that really are peerless – there are very few outdoor furniture companies in the world using the same high-grade materials as us. We have provided furniture for a long list of luxury resorts and five-star hotels, as well as to individual clients all over New Zealand, and these customers seldom express anything other than complete satisfaction, and this track record is testament to the merits of both our products and the service we provide.

We owe a large portion of our success to our master weavers from Cebu, an island in the Philippines. Every member of our weaving team is a leading expert in the creation of hand-crafted, commercial-standard rattan products, and we believe that this level of expertise gives us a distinct edge over our competitors in New Zealand and abroad.

We have unwavering confidence in every step of our manufacturing process. In fact, our website features an extensive collection of photographs taken during each stage of iola’s production cycle. We consider these images to be ample evidence of our attention to detail and the outstanding work we do. We use a very tight weave when creating our outdoor luxury furniture, and this results in products which (unlike many inferior items) are extremely weather-resistant. It is difficult for rainwater to penetrate rattan that has been woven so tightly!
We Use The Highest Quality Material From:

Want to Learn More About Our Beautiful Rattan Furniture?

If you would like to know more about our high-quality rattan furniture, you can download the iola catalogue free of charge. The 2013 catalogue contains stunning images of everything we sell, complete with in-depth product information and details on the company. By the time you reach the back of the catalogue, there will be no doubt in your mind that iola NZ is the ultimate outdoor furniture supplier!

If you are a furniture dealer and you wish to sell iola products, you will find all the relevant information on our wholesale page. We look forward to hearing from you – your customers are sure to enjoy what we have to offer them!
Luxurious outdoor furniture from iola NZ is an excellent choice for commercial spaces such as hotels, bars and restaurants. If you are interested in using our rattan furniture for any of these purposes, we recommend visiting our commercial page for further details.

While browsing around the iola website, you may spot some photographs of our manufacturing process. We are fairly confident that none of our competitors would be willing to show you such images – their work cannot compete with our high standards and attention to detail! While some companies will use second-rate techniques to save time and cut corners, we only use the very best weaving techniques. We want your outdoor furniture to be as tightly-woven and as weather-resistant as possible!

For further information regarding our spectacular range of outdoor luxury furniture products, don’t hesitate to contact us – we are always happy to hear from commercial and private customers alike. In the meantime, please browse around our website and see what iola could do for your outdoor space!
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Some Of The Hotels, Resorts and Corporate Businesses We Have Supplied: